Dell Inspiron Computer-Anyone Have One?

I am considering getting a Dell Inspiron computer, I was approved for financing. I am not a gamer, do not want to use the touch screen, but LOVE that it is wireless. Any experience good or bad with it? Reccomendations for any other Dell computer?

I am about the least tech-y person you will ever meet. I just want something for email & light web surfing. I do save a lot of pictures. I use Word for writing. And I want to watch DVDs & listen to CDs on it.

Thanks in advance.

I have a Dell Inspiron mini and it sucks.

Generally speaking, all Dells I have had experience with pretty much sucked. They come with weird proprietary controls, and just don’t seem to work as well or last.

I have an Inspiron 15 notebook at home. My only lasting gripe with it is the battery has a very short recharge life, roughly 90 minutes.

I did have to dump a lot of stupid software that came pre-installed. I grumbled doing it, but it was relatively painless.

May I ask about this financing?

Computers are so very cheap. And laptops are almost disposable. Unless you are getting a “0% Interest for X days” and then paying it off before X days then you will be paying way too much for a computer if you pay interest.

For what you want to do with it you want a $300-600 laptop. Almost any laptop will do. You should save up $600 and walk into Best Buy or Wal Mart with your cash and buy whatever the salesperson says is good enough for what you want to do with it.

Please don’t finance a laptop.

What do you mean by “wireless”? Any current laptop you buy will be wireless.

I used to have an Inspiron but this was maybe 5-6 years ago, so my experience may be outdated, but FWIW I had nothing but problems with it. Both the hard drive and screen inverter failed within a year.

I used an Inspiron for many years and it worked great. The only real problems I had were with the MSFT software.

BTW, are there any laptops these days that aren’t wireless capable?

For what you want to do, get the cheapest one you can. And don’t finance!

My wife has an Inspiron laptop of some sort, and it’s a pretty good machine all in all.

However, be aware that Dell doesn’t really make their products with an eye toward maintenance; one of the touchpad buttons’ spring is shot, and to replace it, as best I can tell, I’d have to buy a $50 part (the entire top cover other than the keyboard), then just about disassemble the entire laptop, including the processor heat sink, the monitor and several other things to replace the part. And that’s what I found through Google; Dell has NO instructions or authorized service centers or anything like that available through their website once the computer’s out of warranty.

Me too. I love it, but I can’t think of anything about it that makes it superior to anything else.

I get about 2.5 hours battery life unless I’m using the disk drive.

If you have no need for a touch screen, dont get one, you are paying ALOT xtra for that feature. All laptops are wireless. We can advise better if we know the exact model. Saying you are getting a dell inspiron is kinda like saying you are buying a Ford 4 door

I you really want advice on this, please send the link on the Dell site for your basic configuration.
That site is uber-complex and just describing the characteristics will not help us help you.
Sorry if this sounds harsh, but dell does not make this kind of analysis easy.
Perhaps deliberately so.

Don’t have time to go into it farther right now, leaving for work, but the computer I am looking at is NOT a laptop, it is the Inspiron One desktop, everything is contained in the monitor, 23".

I am financing because I can afford the monthly payments but have a hard time saving up the initial purchase price. The one I am looking at is just a little under $1000. Will try to give more info as time allows.

I’ve had two Dell laptops that I quite liked, M and XPS models. I recently helped my Mom into an Insipiron 15" and it feels cheaply made to me. It doesn’t feel very sturdy at all, the keyboard is chintsy, the touchpad is slick & not very responsive.

My complaints are about the frame/case so I reckon they’ll hold true no matter which model you get. Mom’s PC doesn’t seem to do well with battery life either.

I’m enjoying my ASUS, it’s comparatively sturdier. The HD recently went TU which sucks but they have a 2yr global warranty so they replaced it at no cost to me. Plus, their customer service guy spoke un-accented English and was very helpful.

I have a Dell inspiron 1540 laptop. Is there a reason you are not getting a laptop?

I like mine for what it is - we use it for web surfing, the kids’ school assignments, and it got me through nursing school. No gaming or heavy graphics, and my software gets about as hardcore as Microsoft word and skype. I’ve had to replace the hard drive and my battery is shot. It works well for how my family uses it, though.

Get a desktop and a monitor instead. You don’t need a huge desktop: a mini one like the Zotac ZBox or Mac Mini will do just fine.

You do not need $1000 worth of computer. I make a living off my computer and do things that require tons of memory, hard drive space and processing power and my machine cost just over $1000.

Do not spend $1000 on a computer. And ESPECIALLY don’t finance it.

My preference, not a recommendation to the OP.

Being a bit of a power user with my office system (also a Dell), I like having a separate monitor and keyboard/mouse. If I get the $$$ to do the same at home, I’ll do it there, too.

VWife has a desktop, and is taking my notebook on a regular basis to have a PC available outside of the Momcave.

Also, Dell Finance is about 1% short of being considered loansharks, and have similar ethics and customer service. If there is any way possible, pay cash instead of financing through them. I’m speaking as a [del]victim[/del]disgruntled customer.

I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop that I would like to drive my truck over. The battery life is horrible (even after replacing it with a new one), the hard drive freezes even after a fresh install of the OS, and the keyboard does this trick where it moves the cursor to random places as you are typing (a common problem with the 1525, I’ve learned). I have replaced the keyboard, the problem remains.

Look for my poll in General Questions on brand reliability; based on that, I am getting a Lenovo to replace my Dell. (Toshiba is another brand I considered).

Good luck,

I’d quote this a 100 times if I could to emphasize the point.

Don’t finance a computer. If you can’t swing the full price you a) probably shouldn’t be buying something that depreciates so quickly and b) should at least put it on a low APR credit card. Some stores do 0% financing which is a better deal so long as you pay if off before the financing period expires, if you don’t pay it off you get charged a huge rate retroactively.

Buy a cheap PC. Those all-in-on units are a bad idea. When the PC becomes outdated you have the pitch both the PC and the monitor, which is wasteful and inefficient. Touch is a completely useless feature on a desktop PC. You’ll never use it, software doesn’t exist to exploit it and ergonomically it’s a nightmare.

Personally, I’ve become a big believer in the laptop/docking station/large monitor combo. It gives you the benefit of a big screen and no PC cabinet, but also the portability of a laptop.

Don’t sweat the PC brand too much. Buy a cheap one, they are disposable and things like customer service and fashionably add way more to the price than the return in value. I personal dig the refurbished ones, you can get a really nice unit for $350 bucks if you aren’t picky about the specs. For non-technical users that’s almost always the case.

Dell’s standard promotional finance offer is 6 months no interest, so I wouldn’t yet assume offhand that it’s some terrible idea.

My Dell crashed and burned 13 months after purchase. (1 month after warranty ran out.)

I will never buy another Dell.