Dell Laptop Inspiron 1521 Question

A friend of mine wanted me to ask you guys if you know anything about her laptop, a Dell Inspiron 1521. Specifically, it does not have the side number pad to the right of the keyboard, just the numbers across the top. On her desktop, she is able to press alt and the ‘3’ on the side pad and make a little :heart: sign, and since she doesn’t have the side numbers, doesn’t know how to do it now.

Is there any way to make the :heart: without the side number pad? She likes her little :heart:.

The 1521 does not have the side number pad; it does have the functions of those keys mapped to the keyboard, however. To make the :heart:, she would simply need to press Alt+L with Num Lock turned on. Check out the manual here (warning: PDF), page 41 for details.

Assuming that this friend is using Windows, go to the Start menu, Programs, Accessories, System Tools and select Character Map. You should be able to copy and paste any sort of special character from there.

You know, I knew the ASCII codes were low for those symbols, but it never dawned on me how easily they can be made. No wonder some people use them so much.

I believe you can also pull off Alt+Fn+L if Num Lock is off (as it usually is on laptops)

Thanks! I forwarded your replies to her!