Dell Monitor Question

I am using a Dell Trinitron monitor. On the lower left there is a small button with a label like this: -> o <-

I pressed it, and now my Task bar has disappeared, as well as my Start Menu. I can still access the Start Menu by moving the cursor to the bottom of the screen however. How do I get my Start Menu and Task Bar back?

I may be waaaay wrong here, but I think you just auto adjusted your monitor, and that the start menu and taskbar are just out of view now. If you use the other buttons to adjust your height back down, they should come back. again, just a WAG

I would agree that you possibly adjusted your monitor. That symbol is usually used to mean “adjust displayed width” and is usually used to fine tune the display so that you can use the full displayable real estate of the screen. You may have expanded the vertical so that the top and bottom are now off the screen.

However, your next statement that you can access the Start menu by going to the bottom of the screen is a little confusing. How can you access it if you can’t see it? You mean the Start menu pops up if you move the cursor down to where it ought to be? If so, yes you adjusted your screen as mentioned.

Monitors have all different kinds of adjustments so it’s hard to say exactly how to correct yours, but there is usually a button that brings up an adjustment menu, and you can use other buttons to navigate the menu and make the adjustments.

BTW, Trinitron is a trademark of Sony. Not sure if it’s possible to have a “Dell Trinitron”–does Sony makes CRT monitors for Dell?

I seem to recall seeing a Dell branded monitor with the actual word “Trinitron” on it myself.

With or without the trademark, they do make some CRT monitors with that very technology, and damn fine monitors they are. (Used them many times with my Macs and they’re as good as comparable Sony monitors).

Mitsubishi’s DiamondTron is (are?) effectively the same thing too.

Yes. They make the CRT portion, and Dell “brands” it.

I’ve got a similar monitor. The button you pressed is the reset button. All the monitor settings are now at default, and it seems that the default screen size is bigger than the actual screen size at your resolution and refresh rate. Try hitting auto-adjust button, which looks like a little monitor screen with crosshairs.

If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to adjust the screen size manually. Look for the button that looks like a monitor displaying a rectangle. Assuming your model is the same as mine, it should be between the brightness and contrast controls. There should be a raised dot on the button itself. Push that button to get the monitor settings menu.