Dell's Steven Must Die!!!!!

Are all ad agencies this far behind the times? Dell’s latest series of commercials has “Steven” (or possibly “Stephen”) trying to convince another teen’s parents to buy the kid a Dell computer. Did anyone tell Dell that the Keanu Reeves accent is waaaaaayyyyyy out of date? And just why the hell should I listen to Steven anyway?

Have you seen the TechTV Screensavers parody?

“. . . and, Mrs. Nortonbean–”

“–that’s Nortoncorn, actually . . .”

Leo’s in the background, peeking over their shoulders.

Fuckin’ precious.

(Okay, I’m a Screensavers nerd-type fan-woman . . . sue me.)

Yeah…those commercials annoy the shit outta me. I’d like to see somebody shove a large cast iron pipe up Steven’s ass and pour flaming alcohol down it 'til he screams for an iMac.

I hate that fucking kid. Carry on :slight_smile:

I love techtvs version of it. Its such a good parody that I heard it several times and thought it was the dell commercial before actually noticing it was different.