Delta Sky Miles CONFUSES ME!!!

I’ve finally racked up a decent amount of miles. I read through all the FAQS on the site regarding ticket redemption miles.

Apparently it costs the same for a one-way trip from ATL to LAS using SkySaver (45k) as a round-trip ticket (again only 45k). Both being 1st class.

Choose the Aug 7th flight from ATL to LAS using the SkySaver flight time choice.
I then chose a return date of Aug 22nd again picking SkySaver time choice and the total cost in points is 45,000 +$5 fee.

This has to be some sort of mistake? Any frequent fliers can enlighten me?

Sorry, but I think you definitely got it right.

I have been out of SkyMiles for about 5 years now, but this is not all that uncommon.

Most, not all, of the FF programs charge you the same for a RT as for a OW. I won’t go into the exceptions, as my info is a year or so out of date. But yes, this is very, very, common. You get no break with a One-Way versus a Round Trip.

Do you have any options as to the carrier? Delta is partnered with both Northwest and Continental. Any chance of getting a OW trip on them instead of Delta, and using your Delta points for a One-Way “fasre” on them; IF and I repeat IF, they offer OW tix instead of the usual RT??

<<Edited to add, it might be a lot of your time, but you can also go over to, look over the various threads and if not finding something, ask your question there>>