Delurkage Within...

Hello all,

After lurking here on & off over the past month or so, I feel compelled to register so I can stick my own $00.02 in from time to time.

The level of discourse around here is a cut above many other message boards and WAY above most usenet groups. I’ve especially been fascinated by many Great Debates threads. Although I lack the expertise to contribute to that forum very often, I do hold a great deal of humble opinions on a large variety of mundane and pointless things.

'til next time,

LOL…you obviously haven’t been lurking for too long then! Ah JDT, we hardly knew ye.

Welcome to the boards Hodge!

Welcome aboard, Hodge!

LOL, welcome to MY world. Sometimes it’s just better to jump in feet first and just try and stay afloat!


Welcome, Hodge! Pull up a chair, grab a beer and the snack of your choice, and have a good time.