Democratic voters, what would you want accomplished in the event of a 2020 victory?

For those of you who plan to vote Democratic in 2020, what do you hope will be accomplished in the event of a victory? I’ll outline two scenarios and then my wish list. Let’s try to keep it to things that are at least a little realistic, let’s say at least what you would estimate is around a 10% or so chance of happening. No impeachment of Kavanaugh or other things that you might want but are highly unlikely. Here are the two scenarios.

  1. Democratic POTUS and house with a Republican senate.

  2. Democratic POTUS and house with a Democratic senate.

In the first scenario my hope would be that the new POTUS will focus on reestablishing a more normal government by working on reforming the culture of the various cabinet departments. Bring in a leader in Border Patrol that will try to get rid of the racist rank and file border patrol agents. Bring in someone in EPA that will work to protect the environment rather than the interests of wealthy landowners out west or big oil. New secretaries for the branches of the Armed Services that will be loyal to the constitution and not to the new POTUS. The POTUS should also instruct the agencies responsible for such things to work as hard as possible on limiting the influence that Russia is exerting on western elections and try to limit that as much as possible. That would probably be the limits of what could be accomplished in this scenario. Meanwhile the political focus should be on winning the senate and keeping the house in 2022 on the assumption that by that time RBG will have passed and McConnell will refuse to confirm anyone to her seat.

In the second scenario my hope would be that in addition to the above executive branch reforms, that the legislative focus should be on something broadly popular. Save the Medicare for All until after 2022 and focus on something like an infrastructure bill. I would also hope that Ginsburg would retire in this scenario and that a young judge with similar political leanings is appointed to her seat, and that Breyer follow along soon thereafter.

See a certain president behind bars.

In the OP’s second scenario, is there any way the ridiculousness of the tax cut can be reversed?

1- With Republican Senate, put good people in Cabinet who believe in the mission of the department and have some expertise. Practice good governance. Let the new AG prosecute Dolt45 if he/she wants to. Rebuild reputation with allies and stop coddling despots.

2- Strike when the iron is hot. All the above plus pass a public option, nuking the filibuster if need be. Put honest to God liberals on the Supreme Court. Outlaw gerrymandering.

  1. Just a return to normalcy would be nice.

  2. Barely win with a tiny margin in the senate:
    Replace RBG and Breyer immediately
    Give the heads of the branches of the armed forces the ability to reallocate military budgets a la McCain’s proposal ($1 allocation for every $2 cut in spending, limit at 10% of total budget).

  3. Landslide with a mandate:
    Increase taxes with one dollar of spending cuts for every two dollars in increased taxes
    Public option on obamacare
    DACA legislation with increased border security and more funding for immigration courts.
    Federal funding of flagship state universities (with funding based on electoral votes plus COLA).

Impeach and remove Brett Kavanaugh from SCOTUS. The sexual assault allegations aside, the man is unfit to be a Supreme Court Justice. He’s a partisan hack who has benefited from naked cronyism his entire career, and shouldn’t be appointed to adjudicate a hot-dog-eating contest.

I highly doubt this is even possible. If it did somehow happen 2022 and 2024 would be red tsunamis of such size that it would make 1994 and 2010 pale in comparison.

I’m hoping to hear more about what you all think is possible and beneficial in the long run.

Ideally something like a truth and reconciliation commission for the Trump administration. I don’t actually care too much if the people involved receive their just deserts or not, but I want every last crime, corruption and dirty trick of this administration laid out bare for historians, to serve as a lesson for future generations.

Immigration reform.

For all the rancor immigration stirs up, I believe this is an issue where (idealism alert) a bipartisan solution can be achieved. Throw out the nightmare tactics we have now and the “open borders” that only a tiny fringe actually wants, and you can probably find a good many points where Ds and Rs find they agree.

Not only would this accomplish a tangible good, it would demonstrate that compromise is once again possible and show what actual leadership looks like.

I will just be happy to see Trump gone and a few left leaning Supreme Court Justices get in. RBG should ride into retirement the day of the inauguration. Any other aging Justices should do the same.

Otherwise I would hope to rebuild our ties to our Allies and to stand against tyranny again instead of praising it.

I’m not a fan of his at all, but what exactly would you impeach him for? AFAIK, he hasn’t perpetrated any crimes while a Justice, other than being odious.

Yeah, the first and easiest thing would be to simply restore professionalism to the various departments of the Executive branch (easy in the sense that it wouldn’t require Congressional co-operation, not in the sense of actually being easy), as the OP has nicely described. Other things the executive can do largely on its own would be to commit to aggressive enforcement of environmental protection and civil rights laws.

Policy-wise, I want the Democrats to commit themselves to a progressive path. That means single payer health care, an environmentally conscious infrastructure program (aka the Green New Deal), strict regulation of the financial sector, confiscatory tax rates aimed at eliminating the billionaire class, and immigration reform.

It’s unlikely any of these ideas will be politically feasible in 2021, and that’s fine. When you need to compromise, compromise. But I want Party leadership committed to keeping their eyes on the prize. I don’t fault Obama for passing the ACA, that was the best he could do with that Congress. I fault him for spinning the ACA as a great victory, rather than as a small step in the right direction. That’s why I support Bernie Sanders for President; he’ll compromise when necessary, but he can be trusted to fight hard to get as much as possible accomplished.

For 2: Make PR and DC states ASAP. Change Senate rules if that’s what it takes to make it happen. This should be the absolute #1 highest priority.

#2 priority: Lots of elections, transparency, and anti-corruption reform, specifically aimed at the terrible shit Trump allowed and did.

(note that the political messaging should make the anti-corruption stuff appear to be the #1 priority, but in actuality PR and DC statehood are #1).

Add a public option to the ACA at minimum (full universal healthcare if possible).

SCOTUS goodness as much as possible.

Higher minimum wage.

Labor reforms and union-strengthening.

Paid parental leave; universal child care or something that accomplishes the same.

Ban predatory lending.

Post office banks.

Lots of climate change goodness, including getting back into various international agreements.

Try and repair the Iran deal with diplomacy, not threats. Broader commitment to diplomacy overall. Back away from the Saudis – they’re not any better than Iran, IMO. Fairer and more hands-off middle east policy in general.

Just off the top of my head so far, I’m sure there’s a lot more I’d like. It’d be unlikely all of this could get accomplished in the first term, much less the first 2 years.

Get rid of the racist RealID. Why the FUCK do you need to prove you are a citizen to get a plane ride?

Get rid of Trumps tax cuts for the rich. Increase the marginal tax rates on the VERY rich. (Brings in more $)

Fund SocSec for the next century by taking off the limit on FICA taxes.

Sort sort of Immigration fix, with amnesty deals for those who have been here for a decade, kept their nose clean and paid their taxes.

Get rid of the GOP Jim Crow laws.

Give Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg seven medals and let her retire in glory. Breyer next.

Fix the student loan program- at least let them declare bankruptcy.

None of these are crazy, none cost anything significant.

Now, once those are done, we can look into real Medicare for all (not sanders loony plan which has nothing whatsoever to do with medicare), climate change, etc.

The highest priority should be to retain Democratic control in the 2022 and 2024 elections. This might be difficult: there are predictions of recession in 2021; slowdown might be exacerbated if fears of high spending (on M4A, student debt forgiveness, etc.) lead to a loss of investor confidence.

So the D’s need to “thread a needle”: make enough improvements to Obamacare to keep leftists on-board, but not make the severe moves that would cause chaos or exacerbate the impending loss of business confidence.

Kavanaugh’s blatant partisanship — the vile hatred he expressed toward all Democrats — was very visible during the hearings. His confirmation is tangible proof of how putrid GOP partisanship has become.

I’m afraid this may be correct. Increasing SCOTUS to 11 or 13 justices might be even less acceptable. But it will be a real shame to see these mean right-wingers retain veto power over America’s future.

I agree with “public option” and “DACA legislation.” But “spending cuts” confuses me, Except for military, federal spending has been cut to the bone already and then some.
And “funding ‘flagship’ universities based on electoral votes” seems to me like a peculiar right-wing idea.

Perhaps. But again, it’s important not to annoy the fragile voter coalition that led to 2020 victory in the first place.

I strongly agree with most of Thing Fish’s post. Except I don’t think wealth tax is needed. If some young guy headed for $20 billion ends up with just $10 billion instead, would that satisfy you? :slight_smile:

I agree with iiandyiiii’s post even more. I do especially like his #1 and #2 priorities.

Pass the Fair Representation Act and lower the age of Medicare qualification to 64 with a promise of more reductions to come.

More later but that’s where I’d want them to start. I also endorse statehood for DC and PR. Time those citizens got a square deal.

Re-entry into climate policy agreements and a plan that helps this country make meaningful progress on its goals.

Support of the ACA inclusive of a public option.

A more just taxation system that helps address some of increasing wealth inequality of this nation.

Actually addressing some of the serious problems that face rural America (see Klobuchar’s and Buttigieg’s plans for some widely thought as actually aimed at doing something real).

Federal laws that reduce gerrymandering.

Yes good SCOTUS picks as they come up, along with other good judiciary choices.

Real work on preventing additional foreign election meddling.
That’s enough to start!

spending the first 100 days reestablishing every protected right and status that was taken away by executive order…

Huh. I agree with a lot of stuff here, but it never even occurred to me to make DC and PR statehood number 1. I do think we have things we need to fix in Puerto Rico, and I can see that as high priority. And I do support giving representation of some sort to both it and DC, just not as a high priority position.

Repairing the damage of Trump has to be the top priority–which actually includes that part about what he did to Puerto Rico. We have to have a functioning democracy before we can fix the rest. Preventing Roe v. Wade from being undone has to be up there, too, even though passing a law risks a huge backlash. Getting LGBT issues made a suspect class and fixing the homophobic and transphobic decisions is necessary.

And there has to be a focus on helping the economically disadvantaged, as this is a huge part of what drives the anti-Democratic position. So many poor white people are convinced that the Republicans have their back on this. I genuinely believe that, if we make a significant dent in this, we’ll find opposition to the last two parts of the previous paragraph diminishing greatly.

We’ve already seen how flimsy the conservative principles are when there was a Republican candidate who just unleashed fury on the libs. We make a mistake in assuming they are what the conservatives really care about.

With partisanship still at shrill levels, and worldwide recession likely in 2021, working towards Democratic successes in the 2022 and 2024 elections should be one of the very highest priorities.

Puerto Rico is larger than 21 states. It’s time to give them statehood if they want it. DC is larger than two states.

And, although I cannot speak for iiandyiiii, it seems quite clear to me that adding Senate and EC representation for these 51st and 52nd states would make better future outcomes more likely.

Another vote for return to normalcy. No matter what happens in the Senate, I’d like to:

  1. Fix the agencies -
    one of the issues is that the current administration is trying to run the federal government like a small, family owned business. And it isn’t. It’s giant and the person in charge needs to hire competent people and delegate down. The current administrator feels the need to be involved in every decision (instead of setting a broad agenda and direction for subordinates to follow.) And it’s making a mess of things. Even if it’s a much smaller, much more streamlined administration - I’d like to see competent people installed who are empowered to work. And also people who are vetted, confirmed, and responsible to the government and the people. Not just “acting” officials who have no accountability.

  2. Return to Diplomacy. Our relationship and reputation with other countries is in tatters - I’m not sure if we can ever return to our former position now that they see how easily we can go off the rails. But at least it can be functional again. I liked our position in the world much better before.

I do not think that either party is in favor with the current situation on either of those two things - I know Republicans want a smaller government, but I think most of them would prefer to make strategic decisions rather than the mess that is currently in place. I believe that most people of both parties were taken aback when the current officeholder started a large scale snit fit with Canada.