Democrats, do you like Joe Biden

Reading a thread in Elections I was surprised to see so many dopers express a praise for Biden. One poster even saying that during the next election Joe would “mop the floor” with Trump (if he were to run). I don’t dislike JB but as a statesmen he’s kind of blah to me.

So I’m curious, what do other Dems think of Biden as a president?
(Note, I’m not interested in rehashing the election hopefuls chances against Trump, just wondering what the feeling for Biden [as a politician] is overall)

You hit the nail on the head: He’s kind of blah. Which is why we like him. It’s good for a president to be boring.

As president? Biden will be 77 in 2020 and 78 when he takes office. I’m not sure that what we need is a 78 year old in office. He’d be 86 after two terms and that’s just not a good situation.

Age aside though, I like him. He’s an old-school economic Democrat. A bit of a centrist especially in regards to foreign affairs. Not a huge identity politics guy which has become so popular among both parties. Overall, if he were 20 years younger, I’d vote for him.

I disagree with him on a number of policy issues, but:

He’s a hard working, knowledgeable and experienced federal officeholder and I trust him to have the best interests of the United States at heart. He knows how Congress works and what it takes to get stuff done there. I don’t mind his so-called gaffes. Those make him a bit more “human” and helps him connect with the American people. He is not someone who has had things handed to him. I think he’d make a fine president, if not a great one. I’d be happy to vote for him against almost any Republican.

Having said that, he is an old school politician, part of the establishment class. That has pluses and minuses, but when you’re the president, it’s much more of a plus than a minus IMO. Save the mavericks for The House.

I like him.

As for being president?

Right now he’s the worst possible choice for president … except for all the others. Will someone else convince me they are less worse? There’s time.

I agree with these posts. I think Biden is a very likable guy who seems to be more in touch with middle class American concerns than most Congresspeople. He seems to be someone who is good at getting shit done in the House and Senate, and I think his policy goals would generally align with what I want. I like that he came from a working class family and is, at least by Senate standards, not enormously wealthy. I like that he got out a little ahead of Obama on same-sex marriage and helped move the needle on that issue.

If he runs and is nominated, I’ll vote for him against any current Republican. But, jeez, the man is in his late 70s. How much gas does he have left? I hope we get someone a bit younger on the ticket.

I like him and respect his years of service. Had he run last cycle, I would have voted for him in the primary. I’d be a bit more hesitant this cycle due to his age but, as far as I know, he’s still healthy and active so I wouldn’t close the door on the idea.

He’s pretty close to my own Democratic views and when I take those “Which Democrat should you vote for?” quizzes, he’s usually #1 or #2 on the list.

His age is a concern, and that will hurt him in the primaries. I’m not sure it would hurt him that much in the general. For me, I don’t think his age is a big enough concern that I would vote for the Republican. It would have to be a very, very rare Republican who would get my vote. He or she would, essentially, have to swear off allegiance to his/her own party. It’s gotten that bad.

He’s human & relatable, with known flaws. Just like Trump and W. were. He appears to be a competent adult, however, which gives him a leg up on the other two. But Biden, Sanders, and Warren are simply too old. They’ll die in office.

I’d be happy to see a young progressive who has the sense to validate at least part of what Trump has been doing. Someone who can understand why a progressive agenda might not appeal to a huge section of the population, and speak to that “why” in terms that matter to the skeptics.

Not a Dem but more likely to vote for one. I trust Biden more than any potential candidate I can think of. I don’t think he’s got any hidden agenda, I don’t think he’ll try to hide important information. I think he would pursue reasonable compromises in office. And I think he can win because he’s acceptable to many people who have had problems with the Democratic party and it’s candidates.

Remember the good old days, when saying something slightly stupid by accident was called a gaffe, and severe gaffes were considered disqualifying? Remember Rick Perry’s “Oops”? Howard Dean’s scream or yodel? How quaint it all seems.

Biden is the eligible politician who most closely matches what I want in a president in terms of policies and temperament. I really like him, and would have preferred him to Hilary. He’s just too old.

Two you mention are approaching late 70’s, but I wish people would stop writing this about Warren. My God! She’s barely older than me, and except for very minor ailments I’m in the prime of life!

Biden does better than other candidates in 2020 matchups. Of course polls can’t always be trusted as 2016 showed.

As long as he signs decent legislation, I’m fine with him. I don’t need a progressive as president. Pretty much any dem will sign decent legislation if it is put to his desk.

Creepy Joe? The guy who touches everyone and then plagiarized their work? Then, makes gaffe after gaffe, even cursing on an open mike?

None of that would affect my vote, but the fact is that he makes a great candidate when he’s not running, but has always failed on the national stage.

I hope it doesn’t come down to him vs. Pence, because I’d be worried that Pence would win. Biden is too easy to run against.

That’s Tuesday breakfast for a president these days.

I liked Joe a lot in 1988, when he was in the primaries. He withdrew from contention over a plaigiarism incident and the Dems went with Michael Dukakis whose campaigning prowess makes that of Al Gore and Hillary Clinton look phenomenally charismatic by comparison.

I’m still pissed at him both for the plaigiarism and for not staying in the fight (which I suppose is an unreasonable attitude on my part), but if he could step into a time machine and be his 1988 self and run for office now, I’d support him. I’m less enthused about the vintage-2018 Joe Biden, if only because of his age and additional years of being Not A New Voice At This Point.

Disclaimer: I’m not a Democrat; I just tend to end up in the arms of Democrats because Republicans drive me there

I get that, but the current president just gets away with everything. Clinton stumbles once and we get weeks of coverage about whether she’s healthy enough to be president, while a landslide of crap was coming out against Trump and just brushed by the wayside.

I’m not saying I wouldn’t vote for him, I’m just saying he’s a terrible candidate. It’s not like he hasn’t run before so his performance is some sort of mystery.

I do like Biden and I disagree with all the people saying his age is a disadvantage. Age is good. Nobody thinks Gandalf or Dumbledore or Yoda or Betty White are weak because of their age. The fact that they’re old and feisty is impressive to people. The only sense in which Biden’s age is a liability, comes from the perspective that he might die in office. But if he does, he’ll have (presumably) a young and strong VP to take over.

The only sense? Reagan didn’t die in office. Do you think his age was a factor at some point? He was 69 when he became president. Biden would be 78. Who cares how fictional characters like Betty White act? Please Zeus can we have a younger president?

Surely you realize how idiotic it is to compare a political candidate to magical ancient wisdom characters? And frankly, Betty White’s voting history leading up to the Magic Council’s authoritarianism hardly speaks in her favor, old lady or not!