Demolition has begun!

OK, then, you got to snicker at my Ugly House. Now you can gasp in amazement at the remarkable transformation that’s just begun!! Check out the Demolition Phase! All that remains to be demolished is part of the area around the kitchen window - it’s gonna go from 36" X 36" to 48" X 48" - and the doorway between the kitchen and the dining room is moving about four feet away from where it is. I think we’ll be doing that tomorrow.

The next album will be construction - I should get lots of pics of that over the Labor Day Weekend. We will be laboring!

Damn, do you guys know how to have a good time or what?

You can’t imagine how genuinely excited I am to see how it turns out. I don’t know jack squat about renovating anything, but sure love watching the process. Lookin’ forward to those Laboring Day pics!

What time is the luau? :stuck_out_tongue:

So, I have you guys pencilled in for the first weekend in October for overhauling my kitchen.

Please try not to be late.

Since you’ll be in the area - I’d like an addition please before Christmas :wink:

Holey moley, FairyChatMom! You and Steve are working your tails off! I’m eagerly anticipating more pictures of the renovations.

Oh, and re: the wall that you want to keep and Steve wants to take away, would sliding partitions be an option? That way it could be closed off sometimes and open sometimes. Just a thought.

FCM, we need pictures of your Extreme Makeover in progress.

As much money as that show goes through, how much is spent on the Vaseline so they can pull the bullhorn out of Ty Pennington’s ass?

Never mind. I just saw your link.

You are, I presume, keeping the Pinko phone and the blue cherubs. Objects that tacky just cannot be consigned to the landfill.

Boy, you don’t mess around, do you? When you say renovation you really mean it! Wow.

We are wild ones. Yep, that’s us.

Standup Karmic, glad to provide you with vicarious jollies!

swampy, I’m at a loss for a wise-acre response for you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ex, tanookie, pencil away. I’ll be there before noon. No, really, I will…
foxymoron, I’m afraid a sliding wall wouldn’t work at all. The thing is, I prefer a more formal living room and a comfy family room, and he wants one, big honkin’ room. I think I’ll win that one. For now…

vunderbob, the phone remains, but the cherubs are gone. I gave them to my “shy” sister because I thought she wanted them, but she didn’t, so Goodwill will get 'em. Unless you want them??

mcms_cricket, we bought the place planning to redo it. Our original plans were more extensive, but I’m liking what we’re doing now. Can’t wait till the cabinets get here - some time after Sep 18…

You call that ugly? I’ve seen two houses in this county much uglier than that! :slight_smile:

One was so ugly that it was flattened into a parking lot for the church across the street.

Aw, c’mon, JeffO - I didn’t say ugliest, just ugly. It was ugly - you gotta give me that!

But soon it’ll be bee-yoo-tee-full!!

seeing your pictures makes me wanna go home and remodel my basement…I think I will lie down until the urge passes…hmmmmmm… wonder if I can make my kids do it??? :dubious:

Psst… FCM… come closer, I got something to tell ya that we don’t want vunderbob to hear. I hear from a very reliable source that he has always wanted a set of blue cherubs. You live close enough to him to make sure he gets em. Really, he’s wanted blue cherubs since he was a wee little lad. It’d make him so happy. Keep it a secret. He’ll think the cherub fairy came to visit. Shhh… don’t tell him now. He thinks nobody knows about this.

Alas, the blue cherubs are gone… But I still have the concrete gazing ball. Painted red, of course.

I’m seriously more interested in your sister than the cherubs… :wink:

Your whole family was a scream.

And you didn’t even meet my brother. Come to think of it, I haven’t heard from him since we moved here. He’s such a brat!!

My sister is really a hoot in her natural habitat - the bar she tends. I watched her work once - that was just amazing!!