Demonizing older voters

This is something that gripes me on a personal level. I’m talking about those public service announcements and ads that are trying to get young people to vote in this election. I don’t seek them out, but they sure do show up on my Facebook page. And every one seems to have the same point of view: if you young people don’t turn out and vote, all those nasty wrinkled old people will keep control of politics and your life. Sometimes the speaker is a young person who can’t believe how stupid and lame other young people are for not voting. Sometimes the speaker is an older person chortling about how stupid and lame young people are for not voting. These messages are clearly sponsored by anti-status quo (i.e. anti-conservative) advocates.

I can’t find an example now, there was one on Facebook today but maybe the poster took it down after my negative comment. Or else Facebook is hiding things from me again.

Anyway, I wish folks could be creative enough to send a message about voting without creating yet another divide among people, and demonizing people who are different from the target audience. Isn’t that what we accuse the other side of doing? Do the ends justify the means? Do people not bother to think about what they’re posting?

Old farts gave the world Trump and Brexit. I’m fine with the demonization…they deserve more, frankly. Fuck their stupid old wrinkly asses.

I saw something similar, maybe it was from Samantha Bee? It did give me some pause but after thinking about it, it didn’t seem to particularly demonize old voters, it just pointed out the disparity in the voting groups.

The one I saw basically said “hey, 70% of Boomers vote but only 26% of Millennials vote. “ (May not be accurate, I’m going on memory) It’s not necessarily saying Boomers are bad for voting in high numbers, it pointing out that it’s pretty messed up that Millennials are turning out in such low numbers.

When statistics are skewed like that it is important to point out the disparity. Like when X% of the population are people of color but a much higher percentage of the incarcerated population are people of color. Or Y% of the population are LGBTQ but a much smaller percentage of our elected representatives are. It doesn’t demonize the percent of the population on the other side of the disparity but does make a very important point that hopefully mobilizes the population that cares about the disparity to do something.

If you just say “only 26% of Millennials vote” how much perspective does that give an Millennial? It only makes a real impact when they know that 70% of a different and large generation manage to vote. That’s data, man.

I see this done routinely, particularly on Facebook. There seems to be an assumption that older people just vote to keep taxes lower and to keep the status quo. Young people on the other hand, are smarter and know what’s best for their town, state, country and the world. One would thing that older people would get some credit fro living moire, seeing and experiencing more and, maybe, just maybe, having some good ideas based on all the experience.

The ad I liked said something like “You wouldn’t let your grandparents choose your Spotify playlist, why let them choose your leaders?”

You vote to get leaders who will represent your interests.

A 20 year old has different interests than an 80 year old.

Call this an unfair generalization if you must but old people are no good at everything.

I dunno, I kind of hope that the boomer generation in the UK who voted for Brexit die in their own shit and piss stained beds because they done fucked up. They got everything else on a plate: decent pensions, affordable housing, free university education. Pull up that ladder now though!

They’ll no doubt wail “But, but, the WAR! Rationing!” Naw, that was your parents you freeloading scum. Vote to fuck the future of anyone younger than you because you don’t like the darkies? Well, the NHS is already seeing a great shortfall in the number of people willing to wipe your arses. What you going to do then?

(OK that’s a tiny bit harsh, but there’s some truth there)

Fuckin’ A. They shit all over a future that doesn’t belong to them. All for goddamn nostalgia.

I’ll put my ability to be cranky up against anyone at any time.

Some of them could also be disinformation campaigns to target points of friction.

Russia’s efforts have tended towards other issues with race being one of their favorites. They have proven a willingness to target both sides of divisive issues. They’ve recently been joined by China, and to a lesser extent, Iran in the social media trolling game. To an extent that’s anti-staus quo; they want us turned inwards instead of paying attention to the international status quo. Their aim wouldn’t be anti-conservative, though.

Is this humor or something? I’m confused. Surely no one intelligent enough to post on this board is stupid enough to think people can be divided up into groups by age and categorized in that way.

Old people like me don’t give a damn because we’ll be dead before the shit like Climate Change really goes down. So we vote to cut taxes so we can buy more of our pills and nostrums and Early Bird dinners.

I’ve voted in every election I could from the time I turned 18. If you can’t be motivated enough to go to the polls I’m not dragging you there.

There’s a fair bit of hyperbole in my post, but honestly the current retired generations -as a group - have fucked up the prospects of the young. Like, really badly.


Older voters need to get off my lawn.

It’s recreational bitching. Of course you can’t blame the entirety of each demographic for the outcome. That would be silly. On the other hand, while I’ve come to expect little from my white brothers, I still can’t get over white women and Trump. 53 to 43 for the “grab 'em by the pussy” guy? Come on now.

As for people who don’t vote, they shouldn’t be allowed to buy doughnuts for a year.

One thing I’ve seen pointed out about why older voters are more conservative: well-off people live longer, poor and working-class people (disproportionately minorities, too) die off earlier.

Well it might could be more vindictive —