Fuck You, Vote Democrat

My motto of the day: Fuck you, vote Democrat.

Why? Glad you asked, me, because I usually don’t endorse straight ticket voting, even those times when I did it out of laziness. But this asshole needs some checks put on his power and the Republicans are far too comfortable abiding him so long as they get their tax cuts and deregulation. Are they enough? Good followup, Me2. I can only say I’m hoping they are. I mean, are they GOOD enough? As in progressive enough? I’m not satisfied, no. But then, a lot of people say they’re “too extreme”. That’s why perspective isn’t just a word.

What it comes down to is this, they’re the only viable anti-Trump ticket in town. They are the voice of protest, and the voice of possible action. What point is there in a protest vote against the protest ticket? To what end should one demand more action when refusing to vote for the only possible action at this moment? In short: Fuck you, vote Democrat.

And while I’m here, a quick rundown of the other arguments…

“I wish they were more progressive.” Me too, but right now they’re the only thing less regressive than Trump, so vote Democrat. And if that’s too complicated, how about: fuck you, vote Democrat.

“What about third parties?” There’s a time for that conversation. But today? Fuck you, vote democrat.

“The system is rigged.” It’s easier to rig a close one than it is to turn back a landslide. In other words: Fuck you, vote democrat.

“I’m a Libertarian. Liberty or death, no compromise.” Be still my beating heart! Sweep me into those muscly arms so I might whisper into your ear: Fuck you, vote Democrat.

“I’m an independent.” You’re redundant. Fuck you, vote Democrat.

“I may register one way or the other, but I’ll vote for who I think is right, regardless.” Such a maverick! Fuck you, vote Democrat.

“I vote for candidates, not political parties.” So brave! Fuck you, vote democrat.

“I think everyone needs to be judged on merits, not affiliations.” So wise! Fuck you, vote democrat.

“Democrats are liars.” So what?! Fuck you, vote Democrat!

“I vote my conscience.” If your conscience isn’t telling you that Trump is the worst rot we’ve seen in a century then fuck you and your conscience. (And vote democrat plz.)

Well I’m not gonna argue with you.

But you have to! This is the Internet!

Fuck you; already did vote Democrat.

More progressive? I’m reminded that some Bernie supporters voted for Trump when their man didn’t get the D nomination. The mind boggles to imagine such utter lack of perspective.

And these days when someone says “I’m too smart and independent to brainlessly vote a straight D ticket,” I think to myself: “There goes another brainless imbecile.”

Where I live, it’s already the first Tuesday after the first Monday after Halloween! :eek: Good luck, America!

Fuck you, I did too.

As an impartial observer, it looks to me like it’s 2012 all over again, but with the parties reversed.

Interesting times.

An NPR analysis of a large poll (which showed that 12% of Bernie primary voters went to Trump) came to the conclusion that sexism and racism were the primary reasons Bernie voters flipped to Donnie.

So it wasn’t lack of perspective. It was just hatefulness.

Fuck you.

You forgot, ‘I’m not feeling fully informed enough on the issues, I’m not going to vote!’

Also, ‘I’m too lazy/busy, I got things to do, I’m not going to vote.’

What about: “I don’t know how to buy stamps, so I can’t return my absentee ballot.”

How would the OP reply to that?

As a general proposition, I completely agree with you.

It seems to me, though, that the cycles of American politics seem to work perfectly in ways that ensure the Democratic Party never has to make any substantive changes in its own policies and approaches.

A. When the Democrats are doing well, and holding power, they have no incentive to step out of the same old narrow, corporatist politics that get them the support of big donors and big unions, while ignoring the needs of a large percentage of the American public.

B. And when Democrats are doing badly, and the Republicans are holding power, we are informed that, however bad the Democrats might be, they’re not as bad a Republicans, so we have to hold our nose and vote for them no matter how strongly they continue to be dominated by useless political hacks like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

C. Go back to A

In this particular election, B. might be more right than it’s ever been, and everyone should vote Democrat this election. Just don’t be surprised, if they manage to retake the House and/or Senate, when the Schumer and Pelosi show continues to be as inept and hopeless as it’s been for these past years.

I’ve heard that one, and quite honestly, I can understand a generation for whom even email is old hat probably doesn’t know how to find the local post office.

But the freakin’ grocery store sells stamps.

Eff you. I will go vote tomorrow. A new polling place and looks like long lines are gonna be an issue. Polls are closing at 6:pm.
I have to drive 35 miles to get there. Does that seem right? Not to me.

I never know what is meant by this. Do you have an example?

Washington now has prepaid envelops. No stamp required.

Oh yeah: hey there, Weird With Words! Haven’t seen you in a while, so welcome back from wherever you’ve been hiding. :slight_smile:

My Santa Clara County, CA mail-in ballot (“absentee” sounds so archaic these days) came with a postage paid envelope. I know that’s not standard everywhere, but it should be.

envelopes. :smack:

I’ll forgive the dangling participle if you tell us who the observer is.