Oi, America! Get off your arses and go vote!

I’m preaching to the converted here, of course. But Trump really does need to be shown your displeasure.

Actually about to walk out the door to vote straight Democrat. I doubt it’ll make any difference, as my state is represented by Mitch McConnell. But I’m doing it anyway

Trumps not on the ballot this year.

In about 40 minutes I’ll be at my polling place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Voting a straight Republican ticket.
Happy? :smiley:

Well, Illinois has set records for early voting already, so all signs indicate that the turnout is going to be dramatically stronger in this election than in 2016 when the Republicans were successfully able to sell America on the myth of “false equivalency” and convince many people not to vote for Hillary because, “She’s just as bad.”

People have had two years to decide if Hillary’s emails were actually as bad as what they’ve been seeing since 2016.

MUCH longer lines than ever before in my Dupage County IL polling place. And not the usual tottering greyhairs (other than the ones incompetently registering voters!)
Hopefully a good sign.

Got up at 5:45 AM on a wet November morning to vote in a town in DuPage county, Illinois. I wasn’t going to pass this up. Got to the polls at 6 AM and there was already a line. took 30 minutes, but IMHO was worth it.

Working until 2, rain should stop around 2:30. Will go vote then.

So? His cronies are.

That’s your choice. I’m not American.

Yeah, I’ve wised up. I used to pride myself on voting for the best candidate regardless of party, and where I live that generally meant about 60% of ballot races were between extremely well qualified Republicans and moderately qualified Democrats. So I’ve voted Dem on national races, and end up voting Rep on a lot of local races. But I’ve now lived a good chunk of my adult life under minority rule, and I’ve finally caught on, like Republicans did in 2010, that these piddly local races have an exaggerated effect on national politics, because of things like gerrymandering and voter suppression.

First time in my life voting straight Democrat. I’d love to go back to voting for the best person, but as long as Republicans are willing to play by the rules of a broken system to their own advantage, I need to as well.

Trump is not on the ballot, but those who would enable him are. Turnout in my neck of the woods would suggest that the above statement is understood.
(Either that or people really love that guy, which would be a travesty.)

And he’s been stumping for them, saying a vote for them is a vote for him. Paraphrasing: “It’s almost like I"m on the ballot, too!” I heard that newsbite twice this morning and switched to a radio station out of Australia.

I dropped my ballot off last week. Now I feel like the last scene in The Day the Earth Caught Fire where you’re in the basement press room of the protagonist’s newspaper. Two runs have been set up, one with the headline EARTH SAVED! and the other EARTH DOOMED! The pressmen are waiting for the call from upstairs to tell them which press to start.

Voted about a week ago with mail in. NO ONE was going to change my mind regarding the travesty that Trump and his enablers have created. All republicans need to get a good spanking.

I actually have tomorrow off work so I can watch the results and reactions.

Nationwide, the Republican primaries were a contest over who had the best embouchure as they smooched the orange moon. Now we’ll see whether analingus is its own reward, or a return on investment.

Dive deep, Pubbies!

I voted this morning.

I won’t tell you how to vote, but I WILL tell you all to VOTE.

I early voted a week and a half ago – took care of it while I was waiting to get my vehicle tags renewed. Straight D ticket. Screw the GOP.

Just got in to the office from voting, straight Democrat, for whatever that matters in Wyoming.

I just got back from my polling place. It was a 10 minute walk , urban area, no one drives and there is no parking and it was raining. I hope the rain doesn’t depress turnout.
It was way more crowded then I’ve ever seen it, even for the presidential, and I always go mid-morning. Not much in the way of lines because they had plenty of scanners and privacy stations but I was happy to see so many voters.

One of my neighbors was there and they couldn’t find his registration, and the guy is such a pedantic douchenozzle that I know he didn’t let it expire. It may be because he has a last name with a prefix (LaDouchnozzle) and he probably needs to have them check under both L and D.

But it was a little concerning after some of the stories I’ve heard.

At 9:00am the line to vote was wrapped around the elementary school that is my voting station. Contrasted with last year, when I was the only person in the entire gym voting. I take that as a good sign.

It doesn’t matter what the result is. If the Republicans win seats, Trump will take credit. If they lose seats, he’ll say it was all rigged by illegal voters and the deep state, and that he’s a victim–and his cult will believe him, because they’re morons.

And either way, this pile of shit in the White House will continue to stink away, and for two more years the Republicans will continue to pretend it isn’t there, because most of them are craven opportunists with no principles other than self-interest.