It's Officially Election Day

It’s midnight on the East Coast, and the folks in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire are at the polls casting their ballots. They’ve been voting at midnight on election day since 1960.

So for those who are going to vote today, tell us about your voting experience. What time did you go to the polls? How many people were in line? How long did you have to wait? Etc.

Here’s an excellent map of poll closing times by state.


Well, I like to vote at the polls, but that wasn’t possible this year. I ordered an absentee ballot, and sent it by express mail just to be sure. Obama is going to win California, but I’m worried about Prop. 8 passing. On the other hand, it will be great if it fails!

Indeed. Wiki is already displaying the results.

I don’t care who you vote for, people, just exercise your rights as a citizen, do your civic duty, and vote.

Holy FRIGGIN’ Schmoly!

Almost every registered voter in Dixville Notch is a Republican. In the beginning, they were entirely Republican, giving Richard Nixon 9 votes to John F. Kennedy’s 0 in that 1960 election.

Tonight’s tally:

John McCain – 6 votes
Ralph Nader – 0 votes
Barack Obama – 15 votes!!!


Time to quit cursing the darkness and light a fucking candle people.

Early voting started in Alameda County (CA) this past Sunday, and I was in line within the first hour of the doors being opened. Didn’t realize I’d need to go through a metal detector (to go inside the Court House) so had to leave my pocketknife with the police there (which I was able to pick up afterwards). All very easy and efficient, wait time was just over 1 hour total, and everyone was in good spirits. Given that I was in Oakland, it wasn’t too surprising that at least 50% of my fellow citizens in line were African-American. Was able to wear my “I Voted” sticker (which had the line in 3 different languages) for the rest of that day, but I’ll probably wear it again tomorrow (and not just for the free stuff).

I used to believe that. In the last poll before the election about seven percent were still undecided. I fail to understand how anyone could be undecided after an almost two-year campaign. I heard on the radio going home tonight of one voter who just couldn’t decide and wanted help. The DJ refused to offer an opinion. He said she should spend tonight becoming an informed voter and cast her ballot in the morning. Unless the female caller was a consummate actor, there was no reason to believe she was trying to pull one over the DJ and his audience.

For me, if you are one of those seven percent, stay home.

Remember, you can vote however you like:

Please tase me, bro.

It’s midday here in Indonesia already. For us, Wednesday morning is when the fun begins, as the results will start streaming in. I think most Americans are planning to attend a party somewhere (although I don’t know about die-hard Republicans, they may stay home and weep).

We are going to the US ambassador’s big shindig at a hotel ballroom. There will be a lot of Indonesian guests and I imagine many of them will be pleased. The Americans in that particular group will probably lean more heavily to McCain than most, but I’m not sure.

As for me, I’m gonna be wearing red, white and blue clothes, Obama buttons, and a great big grin!

At least we can stop holding our breath and uncross our fingers. Whatever it is, it is. And wasn’t it a* ride!*

Well, I voted already…so it’s all academic to me. It will be interesting to see how it turns out though. While I broke tradition and voted for one of the major parties this year I’m fairly neutral about the outcome at this point.

My prediction, FWIW, is that Obama will win pretty heavily in the popular vote, but that the EC will be relatively close.


Hmm. Interesting wonk question. What would be the maximum popular vote disparity that could still result in an EC win for the “loser”?

I doubt you could precisely calculate it…but you could just take the most populous states, add up enough to just bring you below the necessary EC votes, postulate that everyone in those states voted for the losing candidate, and then figure out the rest of the states at 49/51. In theory you could win the popular vote by a landslide while still losing the election that way.

I doubt THIS election will go that way however. I think Obama will win by a modest amount in the EC while winning fairly large in the popular vote…and I expect McCain to be giving a concession speech before I board my plane home tomorrow evening.

Of course my powers of prediction are suspect…I predicted Kerry would win pretty easily last time as well. So…grain of salt and all that…


Well, I’d like to say it was a good, clean fight and whoever wins, we’ll all just get along. No, I really would like to. Maybe someday.

What are you doing awake? Go to sleep. Wake up early. Make some phone calls. Prepare your liver.

Today someone apparently hired a skywriter. Unfortunately for them it was an unusually breezy and cloudy day in Southern California, so the message came out something like “Vote Yes on Prop. #”.* Twice. Maybe God* isn’t* on your side, bub.

  • Yes, there are 10 other statewide ballot propositions, but 8 seems to be the only one people around are worked up enough about to put signs in their yards, much less write messages across the sky.

Can’t sleep. Clowns will eat me.

Good point. Time for an election-related insomnia thread: