Dems bend over for Bush - WTF?

Do these retards have any scruples?:smack: Is anything that might possibly make them look ‘soft on terror’ going to pass? I never thought I was voting for a party of spineless cowards, worried more about their image than what is right.

First they cave on war spending, for fear that the Pub propaganda machine will shit one of its catch phrases and the world as they know it will end, now this?! Do they not realized they got voted in, and the dumbass they’re cowering before has an approval rating under 30? What’s the point of having the majority of votes if they’re just going to get cast by the other party?

It’s a definite lowpoint.

Maybe shrewder than it looks. It may be that the operative word here is “temporary”. And as well, it established the fact of authority: the President is given such power. What is given can be taken away, so if the President accepts this as authority, he is in no position to claim that the Congress doesn’t have that authority to bestow. Or unbestow.

It makes me bristle to see that the Dems are still losing the battle against spying on Americans. I still don’t trust the overseers to which they’ve agreed, namely McConnell and Gonzalez, to prudently wield this power. They’re Bush’s men. While B2 may not have the large, public base he once had, he still has power in (and, depending on your level of conspiracy nuttiness, an obligation to) the Repubby Party.

I can easily believe our two major parties using such capabilities for their own benefit as well as, if not to the detriment of, the American people.

Hey, keep the beer and reality-tv comin’, we’ll keep voting in the same assholes every year until they die or retire.


Completely aware that some aide reads their mail, circles recognizable issues with a crayon and sends it on to a higher level where answers are cut and pasted, I wrote my senators, quoted an Arabic news service on their vote to fund the war and told them I was ashamed of them.
Senator Pryor, or rather, a butt fucked aide of his responded, ignoring the subject of my letter and telling me how important a recent vote on the war of his was.

Senator Lincoln has yet to respond.

I think I shall quit voting.
It just encourages the bastards.

You mean like when they gave him authorization to go to war if necessary with Iraq ?

That’s sure made them look like they are in charge.[/sarcasm]

No. They caved in because that’s what they do. The Democrats aren’t much more of a restraint on Bush than the same number of corpses would be; they are just that passive.

I read the OP’s link, and I couldn’t see where this allows the administration to spy on Americans. Can you clarify how it does? All I could get from the link is that this allows the administration to eavesdrop on foreign calls that are routed thru the US.

Wait, wait… the main CNN headline right now is “Accusations fly as spy bill moved to back burner”. Reading the article makes it sound as if it’s the same bill being talked about here. Were there TWO spying bills up for vote or something?

That’s in the House. The OP is talking about the Senate.

It’s the same bill, but in the house this time.

Wah, Wah, Wah!

It’s probably because the GOP minority is doing all the stuff the Dems never had the balls to do, like threatening to release naughty pics of Dems or something.

From the analysis I’ve read, this bill has a lot more bipartisan support since it involves listening to calls from foreign national to foreign national, just being transmitted through the US. It’s possible to support things that the President also supports. Just because Bush is for something doesn’t mean that Democrats should be automatically against it.

The White House says otherwise:

It’s nice that the objective of the amendment is OK, but what it comes down to is what it allows the government to do without a warrant.

True. But at this point, they should be at the “don’t trust, and verify” stage. It’s one thing to go over the bill with a fine-tooth comb, conclude it’s OK, then pass it. But it’s another thing to be buffaloed into passing something like this without the opportunity to fully discuss and debate its implications.

At least the damned thing sunsets in six months. They’d better take a closer look between now and then.

There’s really no better way to look at the whole thing closer. You could argue like a cloud all day, but then what. It’s like Dick searching for the giant nerf ball. He finds it while Eric is puffing under seventy pounds of iron. Meanwhile, what happened with his mother? Cheating on his father. But he forgot that. That’s what happens when we forget what Congress is doing. But they have less balls than Dick. He also thinks he’s in charge, and that’s why he is.


Just like the PATRIOT act, right?

Yeah. Like that. :mad:

Is it the president’s authority that is temporary or the right to eavesdrop on a particular individual?

Arguable. But the more I hear about this, the less I like it. The only bright spot is what I’ve mentioned, that it underlines the (to my mind, already clear) authority of the Congress in these matters. Cold comfort farm.