Dems..don't bother to ask about how the Bush admin is spending tax dollars..

They won’t answer.

So now they are saying they don’t have to answer questions? Where do they get off?
They are to be held accountable for every dime they spend.

What’s next?

Democrats will be expelled?

wow. just…wow.

Wha? Oh, Reeder.


It reminds me of the change in policy on email to the White House. You have to go through hoops of fire before your email reaches the usual File 13.

Such arrogance.

So they ask that requests for information be routed through the committee chairmen in an effort to reduce duplication? Fuckers!

Reeder, if that was required of one of any of your threads we’d all still be woefully ignorant of the query.

Do you jack off to CNN?

That’s right, through the Republican committee chair, who, at his discretion, can forward or not forward those question to the White House

So, will difficult question from Democrats be forwarded with aplomb, or with simple speed, do you think?

‘Question Time’ in the Aussie Parliament is the time when opposition members get to grill the sitting members on the repercussions of legislation that has been introduced, or whether there are too many problems with proposed legislation. An opposition with ‘power’ to challenge decisions made by the government is a necessary thing for a democracy to function effectively.

Take away the rights of the opposition to ‘question’ at
their will
and you are left with a government that can do as they please regardless of any political consequences.


Are you suggesting that a ridiculous inquiry as to the amount spent on a blasted banner should generate anything more than an eye rolling request not to be fiscally irresponsible?

This was partisan. This was stupid. I’d slap my own granny for such sillyness.

… generated, kambuckta, from hansel’s assertion of "difficult question"s.

I sincerely doubt a less disingenious inquiry would be treated in such fashion. Seriously, look at what generated the Pubby response. That’s guffaw material if I’ve ever seen it. All they’re saying is cut the bullshit.

Course, the fact that Bush has been caught lying repeatedly about the origin of this campaign banner has got nothing to do with anyone’s interest in knowing, or not disclosing, how much the taxpayers got fleeced for its production, right ? Damned thing probably had Rove’s cum stains on it.

We’re allowed one huge fucking secret, right?

Would I feel any pressure if I pushed my finger against you?

Forget the banner, I wanna know why the White House is still being uncooperative with turning over papers for the 9/11 investigation. Or is this a new way of fighting the “War on terror,” by stonewalling?

lieu, dude, we already ate the huge fucking secret after that last bong hit. It was that lemon cake, or something like that. I’ve had the shits ever since, and I swear my teeth are falling out.

I’d say the point is, that they’re actively seeking a structure that allows the Republican committee chair to dismiss Democrat questions as he sees fit. If that isn’t a breach in democracy, I don’t know what is.

I’m not arguing that spending too much time on discussing the funding of GWB’s wank banner isn’t counterproductive, and I’m not arguing that the whole “Mission Accomplished” ordeal, ironically wrong as it turned out to be, is somehow of great importance: it’s just an example.

C’mon man. Had Clinton installed a policy allowing his committee chairs to dismiss critical Republican questions as they saw fit, you would have been on the barricades, even IF the intention of installing such a measure was to cut down on frivolous questions.

Whether intended or not, it allows for governmental censorship of critical opposition questions. Therefore, it’s a bad fucking plan.

Slightly off topic, but is anyone else (besides me, that is) reduced to helpless laughter by the image of George Bush trying to respond to questions the way that, say, Tony Blair has to, when “question time” arrives? I think I’d give a month’s income to have such a spectacle put on prime-time TV.

“Wank banner” - excellent.

I’d pay good money to see GWB in the bear’s pit down at the Westminster PMQs, and I’m pleased to see that a couple of Aussie MPs heckled him. US presidents are kinda pampered compared to other democratic leaders.

Kinda pampered? Bush wouldn’t last 10 minutes in the houses of Parliament.

Then maybe the Democrats shouldn’t ask stupid questions. It’s kinda like the conundrum with bacteria and antibiotics… use too much penicillin and you’ll get resistant bacteria strains. Well, the Dems used too much penicillin, and now they’re being told to shut the hell up.

Sounds fair to me.

Standard treatment for when the Pubbies give you the claptrap.