Dems love saying "Jefferson Beauregard Sessions" as much as Pubs loved saying "Barack Hussein Obama"

I think it’s the “Beauregard” that makes it special. They can’t get enough of it!

I agree that they’re both almost too good to be true.

I bet they can.

They just love the memory of the gallant Little Napoleon.

Highlight the objectionable part of someone’s name.

I’m offended by the phrase “all the way back in 1986”. It weren’t long ago at all.

Now get off my lawn!

Is there a more Southern sounding name? Beauregard…it just falls off your tongue. It’s American as you can get - the very sounds inspire dreams of peaches, pecans, and sweet tea on the porch on a warm summer eve, a cool breeze stealing away all your anxiety and stress. Why, I can just imagine lifting a bell to summon a servant to refresh my libation and rub my back as I listen to the crickets begin their nightly mating ritual.

Is there a warmongering, genocidal dictator named Beauregard somewhere, that Democrats are trying to draw a parallel with?

Unrelated, but I hear Beauregard in Frank Underwood’s voice in my head, every flippin time.

For some reason I always associate the name Beauregard with Foghorn Leghorn.

I think his “Jefferson” is more Jefferson Davis than Thomas Jefferson.

Absolutely zero Jefferson Airplane.

Come Back To Us Barbara Lewis Hare Krishna Beauregard.

I posted this in another thread:

I always think of Jefferson Davis and PGT Beauregard. No way for me to know if that’s where the name came from, of course. But let’s see… Jeff Sessions III was born in 1946. Maybe Jeff Sessions II was born in the late 1910s, early 1920s. And the original Jeff Sessions maybe just before the turn of the century. Southern man, born in the 19th century. Sure, Jefferson and Beauregard could have been references to, I dunno, two kindly uncles or something. But if I were to bet…

Nah, it’s that southern colonel type, when the cartoon featured the brown dog who was hustling to get a new master. The southern colonel had a couple of lines like “ah, magnolias!”

He would call his big white dog with a loud "BEAUREGARD! Come heah, Boy!!!"

This reminds me of George Herbert Walker Bush - that extra middle name helped remind everyone what a bluebood elder Bush was.

The first thing I think of is a character from the film Auntie Mame. The character was called Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside.

Jeff Sessions sounds like a radio DJ. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III sounds like a plantation owner. It is good for framing the debate.

Beauregard also had a slave from Louisiana that would wax his mustache every day.
Those were spacious days.

In the novel and movie Auntie Mame, the quintessential southern gentleman was named Beauregard Jackson Picket Burnside. “Bo” for short.

ETA: Beaten to the punch by Dewey Finn.

I believe that dog was named, Belvedere.

Since we’re now naming Beauregards: that’s Scarlett O’Hara’s son’s name. Named after the Confederate general, of course.