Dems love saying "Jefferson Beauregard Sessions" as much as Pubs loved saying "Barack Hussein Obama"

That you know this off the top of your head is somehow unsettling.

Dog Gone South

2:00 in

Am I the only person who thinks of Violet Beauregard, from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

(Also, the fact that the name is has a french origin onlu just dawned on me :smack: )

I was just about to post the same. (Though her name is apparently spelled with an “e” at the end.) Self-centered gum-gobbling blueberry bitch.

The funny thing is,“Beauregard” was my first thought about the dog’s name, too, but I almost immediately realized it was “Belvedere”. But then, I am a scholar of Bugs Bunny and I possess, in addition to all the pertinent media, several baseball caps and T-shirts bearing likenesses of some of the principal characters. I try to wear them to weddings and other formal occasions, but have never been allowed to.

Got ninja’d on the correction, though.

I like the man’s name. I definitely like nothing else about our new AG but his name does have some swagger. Its unfortunate I had to watch him in high-definition, however. JBS has some made-for-radio skin. :eek:

Worse. He lives in a McMansion.



I just betrayed my childhood. Thanks for the correction and sorry it was necessary.



Geeky attempt at reclaiming my childhood:

Okay in the Star Trek TOS episode where Kirk splits into Good and Bad Kirk? Sulu has a plant that I think reacts to Bad Kirk or something. I think that plant is named Beauregard.

::Googles “Sulu’s Plant Beauregard”::

Sonuvagun. Redeemed: Beauregard | Memory Alpha | Fandom

ETA: sorry for this hijack. Carry on. Although if we can come up with a connection between the AG and the Star Trek plant, that would be funny.

Scarlett’s son was Wade Hampton, named after a slightly less famous Confederate officer.

Beauregard, aka Beau, was Ashley’s and Melanie’s son–the one she nearly died giving birth to during the Siege of Atlanta.

It is kind of fun to says “Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III”, but OTOH I’ve yet to see anyone writing it “Jefferson BEAUREGARD Sessions III”. Plus I doubt it’ll have the same longevity as the “Barack HUSSEIN Obama” thing even if Sessions remains on the scene.

So I’d quibble with the “as much” point.

Never mind the rest, ‘Beauregard’, is fun to say all on it’s own! ‘The third!’, is just icing on the cake.

And I agree is hard not to hear it in the voice of Foghorn Leghorn whenever I read it!

I’m reminded of that cartoon every time I watch “Mr. Belvedere.”

And my phone auto-corrected “Mr. Belvedere” into “Mr. Velveeta,” just like Heather’s friend, Angela. :smiley:

Well, according to this, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions I was born around April 13, 1861. So right at the same time as the Battle of Fort Sumter. So PGT Beauregard seems likely (one assumes he would have been in the newspapers at that time).

Who the Jefferson is seems more speculative. Jefferson Davis was made president of the CSA in February 1861. Thomas Jefferson has a certain lasting fame. But, if you were picking names out of the newspaper, the former seems more likely.

He comes with his own Southern boy quotes: Spoken to a black lawyer: “Be careful what you say to white folks, boy.” He’s on record as calling the “NAACP an un-American organization.” While charged with investigating the brutal Klan murder of a black man, he said “I thought those boys [the Ku Klux Klan] were OK until I learned they smoked pot.” He said a white civil rights attorney was “either a traitor to his race or a disgrace to his race.” Great guy, this J. Beauregard the Third.

Do his friends call him “Jeffie Bo” ?

Actually, I think there is a more sinister reason. The Barack Hussein Obama thing was clearly a way to attempt linking him to Saddam Hussein, or his stupidly debated Muslim-ness, or how non-white/Christian he was. The Jefferson Beauregard Sessions thing seems to attempt to link him to the racist South, as conjured here by Chisquirrel.

This is the first I’ve heard of it but, judging from responses in this thread, I can accept that I’m just behind the times. Where are the quotes in the OP from?

The Muppet named Beauregard was hilarious in The Great Muppet Caper as a taxi driver.

“What’s your room number?”

“Gee, I don’t know… we’re on the second floor.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I can only take you as far as the lobby!”


Interesting. Thanks for that link. Assuming it’s accurate, the original JBS has just turned 52 when JBS Jr was born. I thought I was nuts for becoming a parent at 38 and having another at 40!

If the shoe fits…

For what it’s worth, I’m reminded that RICK & MORTY did an episode with a butler who seemed strikingly similar to Mr. Belvedere – named, y’know, “Mr. Beauregard”.