Denis Leary DXed my daughter as lazy and stupid!

I’m not going to boycott him, I never watched him for his opinions. But for some reason I want to kick Mr. Leary in the teeth.

Nah, I think his beef is with you, or at least the you that he thinks you are.

That is, if your kid is dumb and you’re looking for an excuse.

Personally, I agree with the thrust of his thought- that inattentive or delusional parents do at times seek to justify the totally predictable outcome of their idiocy, as well as absolve themselves of blame and excuse not actually fixing the problem- by paying to put a diagnosis on it and thus making it not their fault.

He’s not saying all autistic kids are dumb. He’s saying dumb kids with shitty parents get diagnosed as autistic so it’s not Mommy and Daddy’s fault that Junior can’t read.

Chris Rock said it best.

This has nothing to do with your parenting skills- I don’t know who you are. But back in the 90’s when I was in college, all the kids with money weren’t lazy, they had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Or Epstein-Barr. Or some other disease whose symptoms were “not getting out of bed until noon.” They weren’t lazy- hell no. They had a medical problem.

And with the people who are using Asperger’s as an excuse for rudeness, for example…

And then you get the backlash. Ain’t that just a barrel of high-octane fun? “Autism doesn’t exist. Everyone claiming to have it is a lazy bastard fishing for sympathy. Every parent who claims their child has it is unfit. The whole thing is a huge scam and a lie and I knew it from the very beginning!” There’s nothing like dismissing the suffering of another to make you a genius and a far-sighted prophet of future events what might even come true.

Today it’s autism, six years ago it was ADD/ADHD.

I have a similar sentiment towards those diagnosed with AD(H)D. People use their diagnosis as something to blame, but then don’t actually do anything to address it.

It doesn’t matter if your incessant misbehaviour has a name now, what matters is that you’re trying to deal with it properly, and not just sitting back and expecting sympathy.

You cannot mistake autism. When we go to a store and Jaelyn squeals and flaps and some people stare and we hear mumbles of spoiled brat. Saying things like Denis Leary said, don’t help matters. Maybe he should have said “Autism is real, but yer kid isn’t autistic if yer just looking for an excuse for” I could have understood that a bit more.

Autism is a spectrum disorder, and that makes it so freaking hard to explain to people that don’t know anything about it. When strangers ask and we explain she is autistic some will say about watching a news show and to keep our heads up because the autistic girl/guy was talking and in college etc. And we have to explain that in our daughters area of the spectrum she has a better chance of never stringing words together in any meaningful manner.

But Denis Leary isn’t in the business for explaining autism, neither is Jenny McCarthy but look at the damage she is causing.

So Jaelyn is using autism as an excuse for not talking, smearing and licking feces, flapping, scratching herself, not giving a damn if it is her parents she is with or complete strangers. Yeah that is easily misdiagnosed, it’s obviously stupidity or laziness.

Pay attention to the drywall, our entire house is like that… she used to eat it. Notice her hands? It’s like she has no control over them, they get contorted in numerous positions and you can tell even she gets flustered by them not grabbing what she wants right. But you know it’s so easy to make a mistake between laziness and autism.

Note: Leary also drives really slow in the ultra-fast lane while people behind him are going insane. He’s an asshole.

Yeah as I stated in my OP I am not boycotting him. I don’t listen/watch him for his opinions, I actually find him funny. It is what he said and how he said it, that got mimicked in this thread already. That autism isn’t “real” or to act like it’s not a big deal, do something about it.

Speaking of Denis Leary he has explained himself,

He’s got a sweet car, though.

Calling other people lazy and stupid is a tradition as old and as American as laziness and stupidity themselves.

Leary hurt a lot of people with that stuff he spewed. People who already had their hands full, thankyouverymuch.

Didn’t Jerry Lewis do something similarly obtuse and rude, and isn’t that why he eventually started the Muscular Dystrophy telethons? He’s been in payback mode for a long time, making up for some early wrongs.

It’s stuff like this that tends to make tune out when the news mentions autism anymore.

RyJae, keep your chin up. Our girl is ten, and in the past year she’s taken some huge steps. She’s potty trained for the most part, and she’s picking up new words everyday and tantruming much less since the school calmed down and stopped making her use the speaking device, the PECS, and instead is concentrating on ASL.

Leary’s wrong. Dead wrong.

It’s not the kid who’s lazy and stupid. It’s you. You just need to spank her more often. A couplea good whacks and she’ll be fine.

At least, that’s what my mother once said about Dweezil. :rolleyes: Since Mom knows everything, and since your kid has the same diagnosis mine does, that’ll fix everything.

When you find Leary, lemme know. Once you’re done with the teeth I’ll kick whatever’s left of the moron.

But how often does this actually happen? How many of these shitty parents are really out there? How big of an issue is this, really? Does Denis Leary know? Of course not. He just has a vague impression that it’s happening, and he can’t resist something new to roll his eyes at, so he strikes out wildly against some undefined, imaginary group of people.

I don’t blame any parents whose children really have autism for thinking Leary is making fun of them, because it’s pretty hard to tell who, exactly, he’s making fun of since he himself doesn’t seem to know.

Take it easy, my comment wasn’t directed at you, it was directed at those that decide that their child has a disease or disorder when all they really need is a little discipline. I know about autism, my nephew has autism. I know about ADD/ADHD, I have it and so does my sister.

It’s no secret that a few years ago every parent of an undisciplined child was having their child misdiagnosed as having ADD or ADHD to get them medicated. It’s also no secret that the same thing is happening now with children that exhibit a few of the hallmarks of autism, whether they actually have autism or not. I was commenting on the common practice of misdiagnosing kids as having the “designer disease” of the moment. I wasn’t casting doubt on the veracity of your child’s condition.

From my understanding, ADD and ADHD seem to be disorders that can be applied to a broad spectrum of behavior that can also be considered a normal part of childhood. That is to say, the diagnostic line is very fuzzy. But I don’t really understand how someone could level the same accusations at autism. I mean, “not speaking” and, “indifference to others” are not exactly on the radar of standard behaviors for, say, seven year olds, right? It seems like it should be a much clearer diagnosis. But I’m only speaking from experience and could be very wrong.



Shipping her somewhere? :wink:

Maybe he thinks he has to counter Jenny McCarthy?

I think the best solution here is a Denis Leary/Jenny MCarthy cage match. Two idiots enter, one idiot leaves.