Denis Leary DXed my daughter as lazy and stupid!

:smiley: That was good, thanks for the laugh Rick

I’ve heard he also uses public toilets and pisses on the seats.

He also parks in handicapped spaces while looking at himself in a mirror.

Cute kid. I think Leary is right though, and i don’t think hes saying what you think he is. Shitty parents DO get their kids diagnosed with autism rather than admit they are shitty parents and their kids are dumb, that has nothing to do with you or your kid and taking it personal is just missing the point. The ones you should have beef with are the idiot parents, not Dennis Leary for pointing out a very real problem.

You know, for the last 5 years, since my son’s official diagnosis, I’ve been involved with special education, both full-time and after he was mainstreamed, social skills therapy groups and camps, Allies for Autism fundraisers and even surf camp for children with Autism.

I have seen hundreds of children with Autism of varying degrees. Granted, I’m obviously not an expert, but I do have some experience, and I have never once seen a child in those classes, therapy groups, fundraisers and camps who I thought wasn’t actually autistic. In fact, the more common experience I’ve had is seeing mainstreamed children who most likely had some form of ASD whose parents refuse to acknowledge a problem.

So I can’t help but wonder where Denis Leary (and you, for that matter) are seeing all these kids who have been misdiagnosed by their ‘shitty’ parents, because I haven’t seen it, and I’ve actually spent a fair bit of time with autistic children.

RyJae, she is beautiful! What a gift you have!

Well obviously you are not going to see those parents actually putting any effort into making things better, that would be you know… work. If they wanted to do all that they would actually raise their kids right instead, the whole point is having a handy excuse for their failure not the added burden of a child with real disabilities. Please keep in mind this has absolutely nothing to do with parents like you or RyJae who are actually dealing with some serious issues, and i really don’t think either of you should assume Learys or mine comments apply to you in any way.

Like so many people on these boards who like to get bent out of shape over anything, if it doesn’t apply to you, don’t apply it to yourself. Denis Leary is a comedian; he says outrageous things and applies them to large groups whether or not they fit every member of that group. It’s his job.

Plus, he’s an asshole.

I know those comments don’t apply to me or RyJae or any of the other parents who are working so hard with our kids. They don’t apply to us, but they do have an effect on us. Anything that contributes ignorance and misinformation to the information about ASD’s is making our lives more difficult.

Every parent I know has had someone in their life, whether it be an acquaintance, friend or family member, make a negative comment rooted in their ignorance of Autism, Asperger’s or another ASD. Every parent I know has had to spend time educating those people, and that takes energy we don’t have.

And, Featherlou, I am in no way ‘bent out of shape’. I’m actually sorry it comes across that way, especially because I thought I was expressing myself rather calmly, but I’m not upset or angry. I’m just tired.


He says shit that he thinks will be funny to someone who will pay him for making them laugh. He has kids to feed and bills to pay, and one must do what one needs to do.

Personally, I think asshole-ness comes naturally to him, and that it’s a damn shame he can make a living by being a loud-mouthed, ignorant asshole. The song was funny, going out of his way to prove it true is not.


Err…people do know that I was just quoting lyrics from his lovey song, “I’m an Asshole,” right?

It’s really odd… People will sit and listen to comedians spew some of the most vile and hateful shit, and laugh their asses off, but the moment said comedians current joke knocks something the listener believes, its bad… He’s wrong! Thats not true!
Of course its not. They aren’t up there to tell the truth, they are up there to get laughs. Occasionally they can with truth, and occasionally they just tell wild stories, or embellish true stories, or tell half truths, and a lot of the time they just flat out make stuff up. Considering the wide cultural and political diversity in this country, any fan of comedy knows that every once in a while, a comedian is going to spew some straight bullshit that you just have to roll your eyes at and shrug off, and wait for the next joke.

Its also good to remember, even if a joke pisses you off in its ignorance, the next one he tells, and probably the last one he told before, pissed someone else off as much as this pisses off you.

Is that one of those clever doper names like Bobwife or Johnkid or did you seriously name your kid Dweezil?

The vibe I’ve always gotten from Leary is that he kinda wants you to take his opinions seriously, or think “It’s funny 'cause it’s true!” I like him a lot when he’s not being that way, and he annoys the hell out of me when he is. He’s just not nearly as smart as he seems to think he is.

Carlin was the same way–really funny when he was being funny, dull and tiresome when he was trying to “say something”.

Come on, cut the guy some slack. Bill Hicks has been dead for 15 years, so he’s running out of good material.

Lighten up, Francis. That mean ole comedian clearly was speaking about every child with autism, let alone yours.

I really find it difficult to believe that any significant number of parents have managed to “get” their perfectly healthy children diagnosed with autism. Do you know anything about the symptoms of autism? Here’s the DSM IV diagnostic criteria. A regular kid, even a dumb regular kid, is not going to meet these criteria. A doctor might mistake another disorder for autism resulting in a misdiagnosis, but they don’t just stick the autism label on anybody.

I can believe that some parents might CLAIM that their precious little misunderstood child must be autistic – there are certainly adults who make similar claims about themselves – but that’s not the same thing as an actual diagnosis.

What’s wrong with Dweezil?

Did you somehow get out of my post that I didn’t know who Dweezil Zappa was?