Denny had a bad, bad, bad, day

Medical wise.

I had a bypass almost 20 years ago and a single stint 5 years after that. Lately I had been getting some chest tightness so I had scheduled a stress test. Didn’t make it.

Are you still with us?


Are they making plans for more surgery?

So you’re in the hospital now?

I had a stent put in 2 or 3 years ago and recurrence is my biggest fear. Hope all goes well, Denny.

Medically speaking.

I had a bypass almost 20 years ago and a single stint 5 years after that. Lately I had been getting some chest tightness so I had scheduled a stress test. Didn’t make it.

Wednesday evening I went up stairs to take a shower and by the time I got up there I was dizzy and weak and started to sweat. I lay down for a bit to see if it would pass but it didn’t and the chest tightness (no real pain) came back. I called for the wife to bring my nitro pills and call the ambulance.

I put a pill under my tongue but It didn’t seem to do much. That’s because I was probably having an arrhythmia attack, not a heart attack. After waiting for the ambulance for 10 minutes the wife called back. They had been completing a run and were delayed. Chest discomfort was worse so I took another nitro.

After a total of 20 minutes (we live 5 minutes from the hospital) and just before the crew got there I panicked and took another nitro. Bad idea. When they rushed up stairs and took my blood pressure it was 60 over 20. They sat me up to put me in the carrier and I passed out. According to my son who was there by then I went into convulsions.

Next thing I remember I am in the ambulance and actually feeling a whole lot better, whatever they did. In the hospital they got me stable and scheduled a catheterization for the next day.

Of the three original bypasses two were fine and one had closed down but that area was served by another artery. The old stint was fine and they placed 4 more. I felt fine afterwards and even ate a light meal. Then I crashed again. Damn.

This time I had real pain in the chest. The cardiac team of 4 or 5 people descended on me and my heart rate and blood pressure were over 200. They prepped me for a defibrillation. Amazingly they got it under control in a few minutes. The next day I was fine and they scheduled me to go home.

Among the numerous questions I had been asked since I got there was if I had dark or bloody stools. I mentioned to the nurse that my last one had been so dark it looked like charcoal. Bam - they cancelled my shore leave and scheduled me for an endoscope to check the stomach. I had 3 ulcers, none of them bleeding.

Although I never even get upset stomachs at all I guess the 20 years of taking a regular aspirin a day, plus 600-800 mg of ibuprofen for my knee pain over the past couple of years played a role in causing the ulcers.

Been home for a week - feeling great but hobbling around with my no-cartilage knees. Tylenol helps a bit so I’ll stick with that. Stay young, my friends.


I am sorry to hear this. Will take your advice on staying young, but it’s proving harder than we thought.

Good grief, Dennis! What a harrowing tale. This getting old B.S. really sucks large duck eggs. The aspirin-a-day regimen has fallen out of favor recently. I’ve been reading that the risk of internal bleeding is greater than the stroke/heart protection the aspirin was thought to give. The upshot: somethin’s out there waiting to trip us up. Take good care. Go look at puppy/kitten videos on reddit. That always lifts my spirits and distracts me from the dangers that surround me. :wink:

Actually, the aspirin-a-day regimen has fallen out of favor for people without a history of heart disease.

From: here

Remember, no more than 4g of Tylenol a day–and it’s in a lot of things. You don’t want your liver pissed at you too!

I’m using just 2 tablets. It helps a little.


Sorry you had to go through that, Denny. I’m amazed and relieved that you’re still with us! Hopefully the new work will be good for many decades to come.

In retrospect, maybe your wife should have just driven you to the hospital, or called an Uber.

Those bad, bad bad days suck. I shoud know. Keep a good humor. It will help. Good luck!

Glad to hear they got you fixed up!

Oh, Lord! :frowning:

I’ll just concentrate on the fact that you survived to tell the tale.

Glad to know you’re doing better. Just follow your doctors’ advice. If they tell you to take aspirin, take it (I take 2 baby aspirins a day; had heart surgery 6.5 years ago, and so far no problems). And Tylenol is the only OTC painkiller that safe for your kidneys. For some of us, the advice “stay young” is way too late.

And it’s “stEnt”. “Stint” means something else.

Eh? For whom? Hasn’t caused me any problems in 5 years. And who’s saying this and are they perchance funded by the makers of Lipitor et. al? I’ll take my chances with a belly ache and no history of heart disease.

Here are some articles that have appeared on the internet and in other sources recently–some from earlier this month. YMMV.

Yes, but **mixdenny **says he’s been doing this for **20 **years, and in addition has been taking ibuprofen for his knee pain. You’ve only been taking daily aspirin for 5 years.

Give it time. :wink: