Dental frustrations

My husband, a truck driver, broke a tooth that had been previously filled. He was on the road and found an Aspen dental in another state and they did a temporary repair. Less than 24 hours later whatever they put in his tooth came loose. This was approximately $200 down the drain. They told him if he was going to be in the area that they could complete the work for a new crown in two visits.

Well, he came back home and went to our Aspen dental and they’re insisting that it’s going to take three visits. That’s not such a big deal, but he just had the second visit today and has paid something like $1000 of the originally quoted $1400 and now they’re saying they won’t put the new crown on until he has a ‘deep cleaning.’ And it just so happens that this will be another $550.

Somebody help me here before I show up on their doorstep fuming. Does this make sense? Or is this a dental hostage situation? If I need to clarify, let me know. I’m very frustrated at this point.

If they learned that he’s from out of town they took him for a ride.

I’ll buy that, but it’s our local dentist that is refusing to do the crown without the deep cleaning first.

Oh I get it now. I think it’s because of the botched up job and that’s what it takes to do it right.

Dentist here. While each Aspen office is different their general reputation in the dental community is not great. If they believe that a “deep cleaning” is needed prior to a crown being placed they should have let him know that ahead of time. Dentists vary but for an emergency situation such as this I’ll do a crown but would want the cleaning and comprehensive exam done prior to any other work. I think your assessment of dental hostage may be accurate.