DerekMichaels00: If you would magically cease to exist, the world would be a better place

If there was a vaccine that would eradicate ignorance, DerekMichaels00 would have refused it because not taking it would make him autistic.

I mean no disrespect for the autistic, I only say this because that’s the kind of “logic” that he seems to use in almost all of his posting.

I was going to quote some of his greatest hits, such as his rants about how he hates what he believes transgendered people are, or about how he claims to be a Liberal Democrat but only manages to post nonsense straight from the Right Wing blogosphere. But honestly, if you have seen this chump in the Elections or Great Debates, you have seen his work and you know this pitting is overdue.

I have come to the conclusion that he is either an idiot or troll** and I simply won’t bother responding to him because neither is worth my time. I also encourage others who value their time to consider this as well.

**I realize this doesn’t remove the possibility that he is both.

I join this pitting to call out all the nimrod long time posters who engage trolls page after page. Phooey on you guys.

I’m probably one of those guys… but I come to the Dope to engage, very often with posters who disagree with me. And it turns out that, very often, those posters who disagree with me on the issues I’m interested in talking about are considered trolls by some other posters.

I’ll certainly cop to having a pretty terrible troll detector, but I have too much fun on this board engaging with people on interesting topics – even with some folks that others consider trolls – to stop.

The best I can to do is to try and start new Pit threads focused on a particular aspect of a discussion when it looks like a discussion is derailing or taking over another thread.

Otherwise, I endorse the pitting of DerekMichaels00, if not quite to the level of wishing that he ceased to exist.

I don’t think he’s a troll; I think he’s a frightened little* man who is unable to see the world in anything but black-and-white terms. I recently compared him to Belkar Bitterleaf from Order of the Stick in this respect - anything he does not love he hates, with no middle ground. His ludicrous rationalizations are only made more ludicrous by his insistence on repeating points which have been thoroughly refuted, often relying on the lies, misrepresentations and opinions of right-wing echo chambers to support his spurious assertions.

I initially thought he might be someone whose ignorance could be fought but the more this ignorance is assailed the more tightly he clings to it (in this he differs from Belkar, who is capable of at least faking some personal growth). Nonetheless I continue to engage not in the hope of persuading him to adopt a more reality-based stance but to ensure that his hateful bigotry does not stand unchallenged in the eyes of lurkers.

*spiritually and, according to him, physically, although the latter is not a failing

Different strokes for different folks and all, but I just don’t get the appeal of having the same argument over and over and over and over and over and over and over with someone who is never going to change their mind. it just ends up as a neverending cycle of “I never said that!” “well, you contradicted what you said 247 posts ago!” “you’re just arguing over the definition of what ‘is’ is!” “define ‘definition’!”

I guess it’s like eating a really sloppy sandwich, more fun to be the eater than an observer.

And yeah, Shithead Shorty00 can go take a flying leap.

A link would be helpful.

So many individual posts to choose from - better to flag some threads to start with:


This ignorance, you cannot fight it. It can only be contained.

That’s the one that revealed the depth of his insane views to me.

Not probably, definitely.

But he’s a liberal Democrat! A liberal Democrat who hates every actual Democratic official, hates the president, hates Democratic policy positions, and gets his news from Rush Limbaugh.

I believe he describes himself as a Bill Clinton-type Democrat.

A short, bigoted, Bill Clinton-type Democrat.

Who gets his news from Rush Limbaugh.

If we should not engage with his brain-dead, idiotic and bigoted comments, can we at least mock them?


I think we should accepthim if:

[ul][li]He does not attempt to debate any issue.[/li][li]We can publicly ridicule and insult him at any time and place.[/li][li]He does not try and pass as a decent human being and must declare that he is subhuman upon entering into any thread. I don’t want to engage in a discussion and be tricked into thinking that he’s a worthwhile human being.[/li][li]No media must portray him ever. Ew. Gross.[/li][/ul]

Wow. I missed this before:

repulsive? I think I’ve found “repulsive” and it’s not trans people.

Why not an Obama-type Democrat? There ain’t much space between the two politically.

There’s space for the word Hussein. Which is enough, apparently.

My dream is to see him and BrainGlutton and SlackerInc all locked in a room forever.

I think he’s harmless. He’ll respond to arguments and though he’ll never change his mind, he isn’t rude to others.