Dermal tool, dogs claws, how to

I’ve been told that it’s better to use a dermal tool to grind my dogs claws then it is to cut them. Is this true? Also, how do I do this?

Are you sure you don’t mean “Dremel tool”

I can’t address its effectiveness, as I’ve never tried one, but recently they’ve begun advertising a product called Peticure (warning: annoying video w/sound on page) which does just that.

Here’s a site that I found a wile back all about using a Dremmel Tool for nail trimming.

thanks everyone. good stuff to start.

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There are some things to consider, such as: Does your dog have longer fur on the feet? If so, you need to get something to hold that fur back. Poke the nails through a pair of nylons or some sort of mesh. If that hair gets caught around the spinning tool, you’ll never get the dremel near the dog again for a second attempt.

It is a good idea to get the dog used to the sound of the dremel first - set it up to run and give the dog lots of tasty treats.

If you have a corded dremel, it may be a good idea to get the flex-shaft attachment so that the motor is farther away from the dog, and thus less scary, and also say you have less filling your hands.

I’ve found that when teaching a dog to tolerate a new experience like having its toes sanded off by a high-speed machine, it is a good idea to have somebody (Read JustThinkin’) nearby stuffing something yummy in the dog’s face. Smoked trout is working nicely for the dremel experience!