I Used a Dremel Tool on my Wife Last Night

No, this isn’t a Sex Thread.

Pepper Mill was feeling a bit down last night, so I thought I’d do something nice for her and do her feet. Pepper’s feet frequently acquire an excessive layer of callus, and this has to be sloughed off. She tries to do this herself, but it’s a.) awkward and b.) it’s more pleasant if someone else does it.
So usually she soaks her feet and I rasp away with a pumice stone.

It occurred to me that continual pumice-polishing of her feet was an awful lot of effort for little gain, and I had a nice new Dremel tool. I figured if I dry-sanded her feet it’d go a lot quicker.
It did. I was abnle to grind down the hard parts on her feet in no time. covering myself in a thin layer of skin dust. She tried to pull away from the tickling (and shied away from the tool in the first place. “I don’t like the way that sounds…”)

But she loved the feeling when it was done.

I’d advise against using a Dremel as a nail polisher… A friend tried this and forgot that the 30,000RPM buffer generates a lot of heat. Ouch.

I’d almost swear there was something in the manual about this… Or maybe about not doing this.

But if I read the manual I’ll lose my Professional Engineer status!

We Dremel* the dogs’ toenails . . .

Hey, a link to the thread about trademarked items used as nouns!

How do you get the dog to stay still? I had the same idea once, and our dog freaked out over the tool’s noise. Didn’t even get near her with it - she hear the thing spin up to a whine, and she bolted.

Speaking of “Doesn’t the manual specifically say not to do that?” who else here has used a Dremel to trim a badly-fitting crown in their mouth? It’s not very hard to do if you’ve got the flexible shaft that ends in a handpice similar to what a dentist uses. Why pay the dentist $200 to “equilabrate” your teeth when you can do the same thing for free? TMJ issues are specifically denied in my dental insurance, but they will cover any damage as an accidental injury if I mess up.

I swear there was an episode of “Home Improvement” with Tim the Tool Man Taylor that started like this. I don’t think it ended the same way though.

Well, my husband is much bigger than the dogs are . . . and the dogs are pretty timid little things, rescues both of them. They did have to be desensitized to the noise first, with me just holding them while husband held the Dremel, then turning it on and showing it to the dog, then touching the toenails with it while it wasn’t running, and so forth. After a while, they got the idea that if they sit still, it won’t hurt and they’ll get a nummy and a big hug. They both volunteer for the grooming table now, mostly because they like the attention.

I was shocked when I read the instructions to my new Dremmel and it specifically, and repeatedly and in bold letters, capitals said “Do Not Use For Home Dentistry”.

I remember thinking, “Just how stupid do they think people are exactly?”

And later, “Home dentistry? WTF?”

I thought I was all for the TMI threads, but when I got to the part about the “covering myself in a thin layer of skin dust” … I think my tummy did an icky little flip-flop.

It’s not icky – all that dead skin has to go somewhere. You lose plenty of skin yourself, every day.

Normally when I pumice Pepper’s feet the skin comes off in wet flakes. I’d rather have dry dust.

Maybe I should save it in a bottle.