So .... I drilled a hole in my hand. Twice!

Ok this afternoon I was in some idle conversation with a collegue when he asked how I got that scar on my left palm? And I told him, well actually, I have another one on my right hand, barely visible.

Does everyone know what a Dremmel Tool is?

If not it is a small electric rotory tool used to cut metal, fashion wood, get rust off metal, utilizing a variety of small drill bits. It has a thousand uses.

Well I use it for the carving I do as a hobby. One day I was using a bit that was metal, and had a lot of sharp ridges on it, I was trying to carve a Gecko in a walking stick and I was having a little trouble with a knot.

Picture this. I have the stick in my left hand, and the dremmel in my right. I am pushing, and pushing to get through the know with my right hand when it slips off and bores a jagged hole in my left palm. Naturally, I pull it out very quickly, and after a breif bout with nausea I proceed to the Emergency room.

Was there anyone home at the time to drive me? No of course not. So I drove my standard shift car to the emergency with a roll of toilet paper on my injured hand and steering and shifting with my right.

Story Number two: I was repairing a mast with a friend of mine who has a very nice 48 foot mahogany sail boat circa 1956. I had a stringing needle - which is 5 inches long and a leather punch glove. I was stringing the sail with my left hand, and catching the needle with my right. Because of my horrible case of selective hearing I did not hear my buddy say not to punch too hard on the beginning because it was not as thick there. So what did I do? Naturally, I had my palm of my right hand under to catch the needle, I slammed it through the canvas at lightning speed. I didn’t even really feel the needle completely puncture my palm. :slight_smile:

So I looked to see what the slight pinch was, and noticed a BB size hole going completely through my hand. And of course that was only the first stitch.


Anyone else have stories of times of complete daftness?

I don’t but now the palms of my hands feel funny…

Whew! For a second there, I thought you were going to try this!

Halfway down the page might be right up your alley!

You think you got it tough?

One time, at band camp, I lit a firecracker in my hand and didn’t throw it.

Okay, it wasn’t at band camp.

Fortunately, it was a small firecracker. My hand strangely buzzed for about a week.

Those stigmata are SURE to fool the rubes down at the revival!

Talk about your sequential thread titles:

I Warned You Kids! “don"t Play With Power Tools” I Said! Now See What Happened?
So … I drilled a hole in my hand. Twice!

Yeah Casey you’re probably right. I may need to start wearing gloves.

Snoop - It is a tad curious to have things impaling my palms, but if it were the stigmata the wounds would be on my wrist, as Jesus was hewn in the wrist with a nail, because the palms could not hold a body, but the wrists could.

Bosda - it was your thread that inspired the Idle conversation with my collegue…

I have a Dremel, but I’ve never managed to drill a hole through any part of my body…yet. I did manage to get a bit of grit from a grindstone lodged in my cornea using it. It was in there for three miserable days while I waited for it to work itself out. When it became brutally clear that was not going to happen, I went to an opthamologist who removed it, using anaesthesia and a device that looked curiously (and somewhat frighteningly) like a miniature, silver Dremel. And of course, nearly every time I use a soldering iron, I manage to burn myself with it.

Phlosphr, you may want to heed this advice. As a wise man once told me, “Son, never use your hands as a hammer, or as a vise”. You can guess who that wie man was.

Unfortunately, I have elected to ignore this bit of wisdom on numerous occasions. Most have been rewarded by pain.

There are two such occasions that I refer to as, “Bad To The Bone”. BTTB 1 was a wood chisle wound to my thumb. Three stitches. BTTB 2 was a stab wound to my left index finger from my “Buck” folding hunter. Three stitches. (I did the stitching myself)

So kids, the moral of this story is: DO NOT USE YOUR HAND AS A VISE.

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I was helping a friend repair some dog agility equipment one time. We had the A-frame laying on its side on the ground. My buddy was going to drill a hole from the back, and I was supposed to hold the A-frame to keep it from moving while he drilled.

I had put my knee against my side of the A-frame. Yes, he drilled through into my knee. Not very far, though, not much damage done, thank goodness! But it did break the skin.

And every time I wore those jeans afterward, I got to think how that one hole got in the knee.

When I saw that chainmail glove, I was instantly reminded of a friend who was working as a meat cutter at Costco a few years back. The staff had just been issued chainmail gloves that morning, but no instructions. :confused:

My friend who’s not always the sharpest knife in the drawer had the sharpest knife in the butcher shop. He put the glove on his knife-holding hand and promptly shortens a finger. :smack:

I read that column, too. Even so, the rubes at the revival probably didn’t, so they’re going to demand to see the palm-version of the stigmata. And you gots to give the people what they want!

I stuck a #1 Craftsman phillips screwdriver through the palm of my left hand. It went all the way through and was pushing up the skin on the back of my hand. The worst part was watching the doctor stick Q tips in the puncture far enough to push up on the skin too.

Racer - Good point! By far the worse part of getting these wounds was the Doc swabing out the wound. Sticking that HUGE COTTON SWAB in my hand, digging around a tad and then saying “OK time for a few stitches!”

Real funny Doc.