Descent lives!

One of my all-time favourite games was the Descent series, which came out in the mid-nineties. It’s a first-person shooter of a sort, but the game involves flying through tunnels and you can spin and whirl and back up and slide sideways and go up and down…

I still have the discs, but what with going Mac and Win7 and all, they would no longer work, even in DOSbox. Imagine my joy when I stumbled across the Dxx Rebirth project! Seems the game engine had gone open-source and had been ported to the Mac! I downloaded it and installed it, and added the game data files from my old PC discs.

It worked! There I was, playing Descent on a computer that had ten times as much RAM as the original computer I played it on had hard drive space… I could feel all the motor skills coming back, and the memories of the tunnels.

Maybe my friends and I can get a netgame going. Descent 2 was multiplayer I believe.

I’m too busy at the moment for such old-school shenanigans, but I like the cut of your gaming jib, so consider this a free bump ^^

Heh - I saw a disc of Descent on the Playstation1 the other day in the game store. I had no idea it was on PS1 (I remember playing it on my brother’s ancient Mac). Great game!

Man, I remember going over to Scott Sipe’s house in middle school to play Descent, and getting nauseous watching him zoom through the levels.

They don’t make games these days like they used to.

That game brings back memories.

You’re right. They make them better.

I don’t know if I’d go that far, but they certainly do make games like they used to. All the time in fact.

They even still make Descent games.