Describe God

For the purpose of this thread I am not interested in proofs and/or evidence, and I don’t care to read responses such as “I would tell you, but you would just…”. Describe the characteristics of the deity you believe in. How powerful is she/he/it, what is she/he/it made of, what can/can’t she/he/it do, where does she/he/it reside, and any other specifics you can throw in, please.
Again, this is not the a thread for proving or disproving God-this is a thread for describing God.

Well, His most striking quality is His ineffability.

Not here, please.

Then why is it in GD?

Not to be a junior mod (okay, yeah, to be a junior mod), but how is this a debate, not IMHO? That is, what responses are you looking for that would be debatable?

No debate, this is where religious stuff goes.

His Socks are the size of New Jersey.

That explains the smell.

My God doesn’t have any descriptive qualities and isn’t described physically in any books. He’s a pretty chill guy who only punishes those who do shit that is not right according to Natural laws of the universe. Basically, following the five precepts of buddhism…

  1. Do not harm life for a meaningless purpose
    (hunting for food is not a meaningless purpose)

  2. Do not take what is not given

  3. Do not misuse sexuality
    (rape, cheating on your spouse when you know they wouldn’t be okay with it, etc)

  4. Do not use false speech
    (lying, slandering people)

  5. Do not cloud the mind
    (getting piss drunk or becoming a heroin addict)

These are pretty simple guidelines for what my god punishes. Also, my god’s name is Kharma. Don’t fuck with him. :wink:

Whether the OP intends it or not, “describe God” is kinda a ‘gotcha-ya’ query by its very nature. You can find various concepts of God described in anthropology and literature, but the most you can do with those is determine what sort of epistemological inquiry they’re subject to, and most aren’t falsifiable by scientific method.

I think Lobohan’s take on it is actually pretty close to mine. I can describe what “faith” feels like to me in a way most could understand, but I’ll be damned (heh) if I can draw any lines around God for you.

As the koan goes, if you meet Buddha on the road, kill him. IOW, if you can hold it in your head, it aint God.

You might try starting at the profane end of the question and work toward God by elimination. That’s the path I’ve been walking.

It’s funny that you should characterize the request to describe God as a gotcha ya moment. Because when one uses any of the various “Gods” as described in anthropology and literature as a jumping-off base for discussions, someone is going to butt in and say “Gotcha Ya! I don’t believe in that God! Your argument is invalid!” Of course, they fail to describe what God they do believe in. Not that it prevents them from “knowing” exactly what It’s views are on pretty specific political and social issues. :rolleyes:


Although I suppose this could become a witnessing thread, it isn’t in any way subject to debate, as it asks for bare-assed opinions. Seems more IMHO to me.

My personal goddess is about 5’6", has long red hair, blue eyes, a soft spot for animals, and a phenomenal singing voice. She’s about as close as it gets to divinity in this world or any other.


You seem to be conflating concepts of God with theological doctrine or scriptural interpretation.

I’m probably as bemused as you are by the odd faith many religious people seem to have in the infallibility of their scripture, but that’s not what the OP seems to be asking about.

This is God.

I don’t want to believe in him, but I know I probably should.

The sum of an infinity of infinities.


All possibilities realized.

Are you talking about what happens here on the Dope (and specifically GD), or elsewhere? Because I don’t recall very many people here playing the “God says” card in debates about political and social issues.

Beyond our understanding of facts.
God must be viewed with a childlike inward eye.
Ennio Morricone’s music.
Gustav Klimt’s paintings.
A mother’s love.
A father’s strength.
The fragrance of Plumeria.
A soft summer’s night wind.
Rain on my face.
Tears of joy.
God, as experienced by Michelangelo, is depicted on the Sistine Chapel fresco.
If I were to describe God, all the above must be considered part of that description.

I have best experienced God when I am able to quiet my mind and be still and listen.

God is that peaceful contentment of quiet being.
Internal letting go.

Damn, but that sounds beautiful.

But I’d have a lot easier time believing in a God who was a drill instructor.

You may want to clarify this definition, because in geometry, a line segment has infinity points in it, and a line has infinite line segments in it: is a line God?