Descriptive Thread Title: I don't wanna cause any trouble.But I wanna explain, if I can about my thread titles

I’ve read the rules again.

I’m not anything if not open to suggestions.
I agree sometimes my titles are problematic. I’ll try to do better.

I’m a silly and careless poster. Most of my threads are about me, me, me.
I swear I don’t think I’m the center of the universe.(well, that’s debatable)

I can still learn. And I will.

I make a promise. To you all: I won’t clickbait my thread titles. You will be able to see what my topic is before you click on it.

And to those who just hate me in whatever form, I apologize for living.

See you all around the board.


We all love your titles Beck. There’s no reason to change them. New traditions have to start somewhere.

Given that simple fact, there’s no way that your titles are in any way problematic.
If you don’t know, after opening a couple of those threads, what those threads are going to be about in general then the problem isn’t Beckdawrek it’s you.

If my thread titles bug you in any way you’re welcome to change them or contact me and I will.
I just want everyone happy.

I hate to be troublesome any more than I have to.

So was there like a warning or something about thread titles?

There’s an ATMB thread that’s locked, about it.

Absolutely this. A thousand times this!

Haters gotta hate. You can’t please everyone. But as you well know, you are widely beloved on this board. Please don’t change.

ETA: Also, no one “hates” you AFAIK. We have a few posters who don’t seem to “get” you, just like some folks don’t “get” certain types of humour. But most of us do. :kissing_heart: Honestly, your wonderful posts of your adventures in rural Arkansas could be assembled into a book, reminiscent of Shirley Jackson’s entertaining memoirs of her family life in rural Vermont, Life Among the Savages.

The problem is not your thread titles. If it were, the mods would have said something to you directly. And it’s not that they’re giving you some sort of break because they like you; had that been the case, they would have mod-noted you and/or changed the titles way back when, before they knew you well enough to like you. The mods are much more cognizant than some of the people who’ve slammed your titles. That’s not a criticism of those posters, as they don’t know what they don’t know.

It’s very easy to let one or two posters who complain convince you that you’ve erred. I recently had that experience. myself, and I stopped posting entirely for a little while. (You know, those blissfully quiet days.) Don’t let that happen to you. Trust the mods. If they haven’t said anything, nothing needed to be said. You’re fine.

OK, so thanks for the tip about what this was about. Boy, what riles some people is just a mystery to me. All Beck’s thread titles do for me is remind me of a Supersuckers song.

Thank you all.

I guess I’ll play it by ear. If y’all see prob just tell me.

Exactly this. I have this compulsion to make everybody happy; it took me a long time to realize that this was not only impossible, but that there were always going to be people who flat out just don’t like me. It happens.

@Beckdawrek: keep being who you are. You can’t please everybody.

I’m glad you posted this, Beck, as it gives me the opportunity to clarify my post from the locked thread. ECG closed that right after my post, and it seemed they thought I was “bashing” you and/or your thread titles, when in fact I was saying the exact opposite. I think your titles add color and character to the forums, however descriptive they may or may not be. You do you.

Beck, I don’t participate in many of your threads but I often read them and the titles make me smile.

Don’t be sad sad sad because some people are mad mad mad. They’ll get over it.

I appreciated that. I see your point.

I read the other thread where Beck was brought up for the Thread Titles. There were a few posters that complained. My personal opinion, is that Beck has her own style, and should not change. I look for the Bad Bad Bad, cause I know it will be a thread I want to read. And if Beck has to change her style, there will be a lot more Dopers upset about her having to change the tiles, than there are currently upset poster at the current titles.

Keep on Beckin’ just the way your are.

I like that.

Beckin’ is the way I like to do things.

You’re fine, Beck. I don’t see any clickbait. Clickbait would be:

“Ten Reasons Why My Day Sucked (You Won’t Believe Number 8).”

Instead, you give us, “My Bad Bad Bad Day.” Hardly clickbait, and those are the threads you start.

Don’t ever change, Beck. If you weren’t here, we’d have to invent you.

ETA: And “Keep on Beckin’.” I like that; thanks, SoToasty!

I’d suggest playin’ it by eye.

Bah. A couple posters trying to hijack the thread with non sequiturs.

Don’t let it bother you.

They’re the baddest titles in the whole damn town.