Desideria Octorano

I had a weird dream last night, and (as usual) can only recall disconnected shards of it. One of the last bits in the dream was a woman named Desideria Octorano . The name impressed itself pretty strongly in my memory. I don’t know a damned thing about her.

My first thought was that she was a Bond Girl, or maybe an Indiana Jones heroine. She sounds a bit like a female archaeologist or something, beautiful “except she wears glasses”, you know. On second thought, the name’s too esoteric. Maybe she’s from a Merchant Ivory production. A liberated 19th century expert on something or other. Although with my luck, she’ll probably turn out to be a ten year old precocious musician.
As usual, I wracked my brain to try and figure out where the name came from. I did a crossword puzzle yesterday in which one answer was “ERasmus”, who first name was “Desiderius”. We discussed composer Ottorino Respighi while watching “Fantasia 2000”, so maybe it came from the two unusual first names.