Design Interns: Canadian "Design Star" Show On American HGTV

Due to nothing else being on the air lately, we started to watch Design Interns on HGTV and have seen the first two episodes.
It is similar to Design Star, except it is so low-key and droll that you are kind of surprised the students don’t fall asleep during their critiques.

One of the hosts - Anna Simone - has the personality of a dial tone and moves around as if she has taken 12 Valiums an hour ago. She hardly moves her mouth when she speaks and to hear her bitch about students not showing enthusiasm is quite funny, considering she speaks in a barely audible monotone.

Somehow I have the feeling when they announce the winner of this show, they are going to have to nudge that student to wake them up to get the prize - which hopefully will be a job anywhere except Anna Simone’s company.