Design the post-USA flag

So someday, eventually, the political entity formerly known as the United States of America is no more. At least not as a federation of 50 semi-sovereign “states” with their current boundaries. Presuming some polity comprising a large percentage of the North American continent exists, what might its national flag look like?

I can imagine a flag with no color, design or symbols manufactured by the makers of Saran Wrap.

Depending on which party gets their way, it could look something like this;

If such a polity exists, it will probably continue to call itself the United States and use the same flag, no matter how much area it covers. In fact, even if it shrinks down, Byzantine Empire-style, to the just the District of Columbia, it will probably still use the Stars and Stripes.

Especially if a certain orange asshole manages to pull off a ‘Grover Cleveland’.

I flipped through Snow Crash, and you are probably right, though the United States (“The smaller this country gets, the more paranoid they become”) flag is never explicitly described.

The red states pretty much use the confederate flag now, even the red states that weren’t part of the confederacy, like West Virginians. They’ll probably continue to do that.

Blue states will probably still use the current flag, maybe less stars.