Designing the Interplanetary Web

I’m pretty sure this should be in GD but I’m not positive.

The premise:
Its 100 years in the future and we have colonised the solar system. There are cities on the moon complete with resorts, hotels, and casinos. Mars has been exstensivly colonised and there are many cities all over the planet. Venus and Europa have a couple small settlements, mainly researchers, support personel, and there families. Ganymade and Titan have several settlements ranging from researchers to colonists and miners. The asteroid belt is chock full of frontier towns of miners and several large space docks for the construction of ships. There are also a could huge space stations in SOL orbit between mercury and venus, and also past saturn. There is no way to communicate FTL. How would a Interplanetary Web work?

First Id say that all cities and colonies have there own local network, like the WWW on earth. The problem would be getting data from other parts of the network.

Any Ideas of how to handle the lines of communication, time delay, etc?

The local nets would have to be self contained, and regularly - or constantly -update and query each other by laser-
artificial intelligence and sentient search engines would be used to anticipate queries several hours before they are asked, if at at possible
no doubt for secure transactions quantum cryptography will be useful
the following scenario does incorporate wormholetechnology at a later date, encompassing as it does a 4000+ ly radius sphere of human colonisation
The Known Net