What would InterGalactic Internet look like?

I discuss it in This Video. I myself am a robot from Gilese 581 b.

What’s the point of this thread, and what’s in the video?

How would you imagine life on other planets? What would you ask people who inhabit them?

Porn — but none of us would recognize it. That and offers from the rulers of Signus Aurie 14 to make you a millionaire if you just wire them $5,000.

spacebook - it just keeps expanding.

Can they make me a quintillionaire?

I do not even use Facebook.

Ping times would be underwhelming.

Loading …
Expected wait time: 4,000 years

It would have the words “Don’t Panic” written in large friendly letters.

No! The information can travel through microscopic wormholes immediately.

The video explains everything.

Tinder with tentacles.

CCitizen, while the rules of the board don’t specifically prohibit posting a link to your blog or the like, we are here to promote discussion. Starting a thread linking to your own video without providing context and then repeatedly referring people to that external source doesn’t accomplish that.

If you actually want to have a discussion here, I’d highly suggest summarizing information from the video that you think is relevant, rather than simply trying to drive traffic to your link. Otherwise, the thread may be closed.

AKA Tiny Annelidian Porn. Tagline: Yeah, I’d TAP that.

I apologize. On Earth forums we are not allowed to use a forum as own own blog. Basically very fast communication to different planets and galaxies is possible via primordial black holes weighing 10^18 kg. We can not travel via these wormholes but we can send messaged.

what the holy fuck is this?

It describes how Intergalactic Internet works. I am a robot from Gilese 581 b.

no it doesnt and no you’re not.

I always tell the truth – I can not lie by my own definition.