Desktop E-mail Client for Windows 7?

Hi all,

I searched the boards, but didn’t find anyone else posting about this, so I must be the only one bothered by the lack of desktop e-mail reader with Windows 7.

I just upgraded my Vista machine to Windows 7 Home Premium and so far, everything seems to be working okay, but Win7 doesn’t work with Outlook Express and doesn’t include Mail. I find I really miss having a desktop e-mail client. So I’m looking around for a free client, and am trying to compare Thunderbird and Eudora.

I don’t need anything too fancy. I don’t care about using stationary, but I do like being able to format html text in my e-mails, and sometimes, be able to organize e-mail in folders.

Does anyone here have experience with either of these programs — is there any reason to prefer one over another? Are there any other free clients out there that I may not be aware of yet?

I’d appreciate any advice from those in the know.

Windows Live Mail.

Go to windows update and check for updates, it should be an optional update for you. Windows live essentials is a whole suite, but I personally only install the mail client. It’s decent and lightweight, but nothing super special. I can access my ISP email, my hotmail and my gmail emails all through it.

Windows Live Mail replaced Outlook Express. Download all the Windows Live Essentials, Live Messenger is handy if you need tech help and Windows Live Photo Gallery is excellent.

Additionally, consider dumping your current AV software and installing Windows Security Essentials.

Thanks, guys. I installed Windows Live and was surprised to see that it will serve nicely. :slight_smile: