Desperate hand healing advice needed

I’m performing the lead in Reich’s Electric Counterpoint (on electric guitar) in less than a week and I think I really screwed up my hand practicing too hard last night.
My palm on the pinky side, as well as my elbow has been bothering me all day, and to be honest, I’m beginning to really panic. Many are counting on me.

Does anyone know what I can do to heal this ASAP?

Did I mention I’m panicked and desperate?

It’s too late for ice, give it some heat. Got a heating pad? If not, buy one. For the most brutal fix, also massage it. It will hurt like Hell but you will improve the circulation to the damaged tissue.

If it really hurts, don’t do it. You must be able to notice some improvement afterwards.

Also, stay off of it, no repetitive stress. But make sure to exercise your hand each day. A rubber ball (squash or handball) would be good. Tiger Balm™ might help a little bit.

Remember, IANAD. (I am not a doctor)

You didn’t specify what you meant by “bothering you”, however, if you strained it the only real “healing” is to let it recover. Anti-inflammatory drugs might possibly help.

Some possibly helpful links

Thanks for the links astro. I did get some good info, (though not the quick fix miracle that I continue to foolishly hope for).

Zenster thanks also for your advice. I have been massaging it and it certainly has improved since last night, but it still hurts and I’m still panicking. Anyway, if the show goes well I might forgive you for busting me on my crosspost :slight_smile:

(BTW, just a note for mods or anyone who cares on that: that is the first time I have ever crossposted since I’ve been here and I only did it out of panicked desperation. I didn’t really consider it a crosspost at the time because one was a flame while the other a request for info, but it was a crosspost indeed. My apologies.)