Desperate Housewives

Anyone else catch this tonight? I’m thinking this could become a major guilty pleasure.

Crap, I meant to. I got the same impression.

Eh. It’s one part 9 to 5 set in a residential neighborhood mixed with First Wives Club mixed with the quirky characters of Steel Magnolias mixed with an apparent murder mystery to propel audience interest past the pilot.

This really needed to be a cable series.

Meh. I wonder if it’s going to be narrated by the dead chick every week?

And people wonder why ABC is always stuck in last place.

It’s not going to help ABC in the ratings, but the show was a fairly good black comedy. Some of the moments were great: “I have Santa’s cell phone number.” “Why did I fight for your custody?” The onions. The macaroni and cheese. “That’s not what he’s doing in the bathroom.”

It’ll fail, of course, but I laughed more at it than any show since “Arrested Development.” Too bad they’re on opposite each other.

I liked it. It has some kinks that need to be worked out, but it can become a pretty good show. I think the writers tried to cover too much in one episode. That, or the first ep needed to be two hours to really fill some stuff in.

I was waiting for you to start this thread, twickster.

I watched all but the first five minutes of it, and I really liked it. I can relate to a great deal of the mentalities of these people; my mother is kinda the same way.

I hope it stays on.


I laughed out loud and for quite a while when they were trying to manufacture the clog. hair! Penaut Butter! Popsicle Sticks!

In retrospect, not all THAT funny, but at the time I found it hilarious.


I enjoyed it. The clog, the condom, the weird plastic hair that doesn’t move.

Now I just have to wait for my husband to tire of “Jack and Bobby” so I can TiVo.

I only watched it because there was nothing else. But I liked it.

The trailers did not lead me to expect much, but I was rather pleasantly surprised. This is a show that does not take itself at all seriously, which is nice. At times, it seemed like they were channelling “Edward Scissorhands,” from the relentlessly upbeat music to the slutty neighbor and her ambrosia.

I don’t know that I’ll follow it long term, or even once “Arrested Development” starts, but as new entrants go, it does not suck.

And Sue-Ellen Mishkie really seems to be specializing in the role of “dead perfect wife,” isn’t she?

This definitely going to be “appointment TV” for me, unless they used up all their tricks/humor in the pilot. There were lots of laugh out loud moments, good lines: “lives of noisy fulfillment”, and a mystery to boot!

I was really looking forward to it and I loved it! It will definitely be something I watch every week! :slight_smile:

What is this?

I really, really want to avoid googling the term “Desperate Housewives”

:smiley: Sissy!

A new show on broadcast TV here in the States – kind of a black comedy/satire of suburbia/mystery, with Teri Hatcher and Felicity Huffman, among others. Some of us were beguiled, others of us, apparently, not.

With two actresses from the late, lamented “SportsNight”, you would think this was an Aaron Sorkin production. But no.

Not bad; not bad. Worth another watch. A shame that it’s up against Jack & Bobby AND Arrested Development – stupid, stupid, stupid.

I liked it. It’s the first time I can remember watching anything on ABC since I was a kid. It’s about time they drop their “family friendly” theme.

The show reminds me of something I’d see on Fox. haha.

As long as the gardener keeps getting naked, the “plumber” starts getting naked and the people I hang out with Sunday nights SHUT THE HELL UP DURING THE SHOW SO I CAN HEAR then I will be a good and faithful viewer. I knew I’d be into it as soon as I saw Marcia Cross delivering her (grammatically incorrect) line in the commercials. She was so much fun as Kimberly on Melrose Place (and the moment when she pulls off her wig to show that nasty scar is still one of the creepier moments ever on network TV) and it looks like she’s gearing up to play a whole new kind of crazy on this one.

I thought it was fun, but not spectacular by any means. Lots of cliches, but some surprisingly witty dialogue too. It seemed like a patchwork - like it wasn’t quite sure what direction to take. Hopefully it will be given a chance to settle down and find its groove.

The most disturbing thing though was Nicolette Sheridan - WTF happened to her? A LOT of plastic surgery gone wrong apparently. I used to be so envious of her looks when I was younger, but holy Hannah she looks VERY VERY scary now. Pretty sad.