Desperately need to change jobs but have no time to look?

It’s high time for me to change gigs but owing to the the amount of work I need to do just to tread water I feel like I never have an adequate amount of time get my resume out there and line up interviews.

I’d like to employ the services of a recruiter or headhunter to work for me and market my resume while I work. Does anyone have experience with this? I know usually the headhunter goes to the applicant but I’m interested the other way around.

Any feedback is appreciated!


If you don’t have time to submit your resume and go on interviews, how is a recruiter going to help you? Because, in theory, that’s what they’re going to do: send you on interviews. And they’re not going to magically create a time that fits it into your life without you having to play any part in the scheduling. Their clients have certain availabilities, so do you, and they will ask what works, and set appointments.

Anyway, you can submit your resume to an online job board, can’t you? If you post your resume online, recruiters will likely contact you (in addition to a slew of BS sales jobs). You’ll also find that if you contact a recruiter directly, they will be glad to help. I’ve done so before, and have been sent on interviews by them. The position I ultimately landed was placed by a recruiter who contacted me, but whatever. Having someone send me out on interviews certainly didn’t hurt.

Good luck.

“You have time to do what you want to do,” said my mother, when I whined about not having time to do this or that.

If self motivation is your enemy, it ain’t about lack of time.

an seanchai

If you don’t have time to look for a job, you’ll just have to rely on the Job Fairy bringing you a new one.

Do you know what kind of job you want? You can always ask friends to keep their ear to the ground for you. Or find a headhunter who specializes in the industry or job type you want.

I used a generic headhunting company just once. They wanted to put me into inside sales trainee positions that paid squat. I eventually took what I still think of as “The job from hell” at an accounting firm. Looking back, the sales career path may not have been so bad but I’m happy where I am now.

There are professional head hunters that are good, but it depends on your profession. Some are just awful and others are good, depending on the type of work you do.

The issue is the demand. There are a lot of people out of work and the head hunters get a commission to they are going to put forth the effort into the work that rewards THEIR paycheck

First post to Monster. In my experience I get hits pretty regularly once my resume is up. Delete it and post again every few months, the HR departments usually only do a search back a few months.

If you still want to use a head hunter:

[li] If they represent you, their fee comes from you, if they represent a company, the fee comes from the company. Unless you are desparate for a new job, just let them know you are available and they will keep you in mind if a job comes up.[/li][li] Sometimes if they place you, you will have a contract that says if you don’t work out in 90 days, you pay the balance of their fee.[/li][li]Headhunters often do not have the knowledge to know if you are a good fit. I have had headhunters submit resumes to me that weren’t even close to my needs. I have had my resume submitted to companies that were not a good fit for me. Ask the headhunter to run potential submitals (sp) past you.[/li][li]If you use more than one headhunter, make sure that they know - they will not appreciate it if they get in a battle to see who gets the fee. I usually contact at least two. If they know, this will also encourage them to run a submital past you - so that they don’t submit you a second time.[/li][/ul]
Good luck!