Destructive power of military bombs?

The Tomahawk cruise missiles that have been raining down on Libya for the past week or so have several warhead options. One of them is reportedly a 1,000-pound conventional explosive device.

What kind of destructive power does 1,000-pound bomb have? I assume if it was detonated in my living room, it would obliterate my house, but would it also flatten the houses on either side of mine? If it was detonated in the middle of the street, would it wreck the houses on either side of the street (assuming an “ordinary” front yard that’s maybe 30 feet deep)?

A sort-of cited post says house-demolishing to a 100 foot radius, “light construction” destruction to a 150 foot radius, and possible fragmentation lethality past half a mile.

I would think the biggest worry your neighbors would have when the tomahawk fell on your living room would be the fragmentation, and the shrapnel from the 30 foot crater where your house used to be.

Well, judging by this video I’d imagine it would obliterate your house, mostly destroy your immediate adjacent neighbors, do quite a bit of damage to the 2 or 3 houses beyond that, and pretty well fuck up the day for everyone on the block.