Detroit Auto Show-Stupid Innovations in Cars!

I just saw the latest junk that the auto mfgs. think we want to buy! Self-closing doors! What a stupid innovation! You actually don’t have to move your arms. My question: this thing ivolves a few extra motors, a switch, a conyrol circuit-I wonder how much to fix when it breaks? My question: why would anyone pay for such an option? It has to rank up there with automatic ashtrays and the infamous Rolls-Royce servo-driven shift selector.

I’m hoping that what you saw was just a concept car. If so, there’s nary a chance it’ll ever make it to a showroom floor.

Actually, self-closing doors have been on showroom floors for quite some time. It’s an innovation that mini-van drivers have been using for years. Power doors and power liftgates are great. I’m sure what you saw were regular type car doors, but don’t underestimate what some people will buy. Lot’s of people can’t be bothered to crank their windows up and down anymore.

Howabout those silly self-starters? Why head to the gym when you can get your workout cranking the car in your own driveway? Fresh air, sunshine, and exercise-good!

What is this “window cranking” of which you speak?

The funny thing-Tokyo taxicabs have had passenger door opening handles for years-what is wrong with a manual system? My poin is: many of these cars 9with these gadgets) will be unfixable-they are too complex, and imagine reparing something like this? Reminds me of my brothers M-B-he had a short circuit i the rear door window motor-it was over $700 to fix!

That’s an add-on you can have, well, added, aftermarket right now. No big. Hell, you can have your doors flip up vs. open out, you can make em flap like a bird if you’re willing to pay for it, and rest assured, someone is.

Wasn’t there a car marketed strictly for women sometime in the 1950s or 60s? It was all pink, inside and out… I’m thinking Cadillac for some reason or Chrysler. That was pretty stupid.

I used to think power windows and locks were silly, but now that I have them I won’t buy abother car without them. And since I’ve driven my sister’s car with the back-up camera, I want that too.

Powered doors… sure seem silly now, I’ll admit.

The Dodge LeFemme.

That’s it. Still stupid after all these years…

A good deal of the crap stuffed into cars is put there because it is relatively cheap, but can be used to inflate the price of the car, to compensate for the fact that labor costs are huge. Car makers have run out of ways to easily lower the price of their vehicles and have resorted to installing $40 components that they can charge 10 times the price for. If you want to know what a basic car with no options will set you back, then take a look at the Tata Nano. No powersteering, no airbags, not much of anything.

That almost makes my 93 Festiva look luxurious.

You got that backwards. Crap is put into the cars because customers want and expect it.. That and government regulations.

Since when have things like heated seats, power windows, and “self parking cars” (that don’t really park themselves) been federally mandated items? As for customers wanting those items, certainly some of them do, but not all, and try to find a new car, built in the US, without power windows as standard equipment.

Look, I’m not saying that the car makers have it easy. It takes 5 years or so, and around a couple of billion to produce a new model, that you’ve no way of knowing if it’s going to be a hit or not (unless, of course, you’re talking about the Aztek, GM should have known that thing was going to be an Edsel before it ever left the drawing board), and you’ve got to deal with all kinds of Federal regulations. It does make sense to ditch manual windows as an option on all cars, when many customers aren’t going to want them (can’t imagine someone asking for them at a Cadillac dealership), but let’s not pretend that they don’t tack on some extra bucks as profit for adding those features.

A few notes about the LaFemme:

  1. Cars today still make no allowances for the fact that about half the population carries a purse and the choice is either leaving it in the passenger seat (easy to steal, falls onto the floor if a quick stop, hinders passengers) or putting it on the floor (not particularly handy) Hell. A hook on the side of my bucket seat would be fab.

  2. It had a compartment especially for umbrellas. Where do you put your soaking wet umbrella? On the floor to gather dirt? On the seat to ruin the upholstery?

Another thing in general:

I have had exactly one car that I could open the door on without danger of ripping off a nail. I’ve had several that were quite bad about breaking nails.

In general, I don’t think that cars think of the logistics of women much. Hell, I drive a minivan, the epitome of a womans car and it amazes me how much it does not have.

It amazes me that car makers are so clueless.

To make it non-gender specific simply a place to put a laptop case or briefcase would be handy.

What? Do I have to turn in my penis if I choose to carry an umbrella?

The problem with making a “gender specific” car is that it hurts the resale value. You effectively cut out 50% of your potential customers, probably more, since how many guys are going to be okay with the idea of borrowing the wife’s “vaginamobile” when their’s is in the shop? (Of course, some women might really like this idea. :D)

1923 called to ask if you want to borrow their Model T accessory catalog.

Good point.

I wasn’t aware that men used umbrellas. :slight_smile: My comment wasn’t supposed to be gender specific, just some good points about an otherwise ridiculous concept.

And what exactly are you going to turn your penis into? :slight_smile:

We only use them to pick up chicks, I’ll admit, but we do have them.

Great, now I have this image of Transformers porn stuck in my head. :eek: “Thanks” for that.