Detroit, change the damn locks!

From Fox 2 Detroit:

That sonofagun’s got a key? Don’t think he won’t use it, either. A crazy ex taught me that lesson-- the hard way. :smiley:


I read that and shook my head. A conversation with my mother (Grew up in that parish) confirmed it. This is what she said: “Donating a few bucks to a church does not make you not a bad person.” and “It makes a good person better, but does not fix wrongs you have done and will do”

I hope they changed the locks when Mayor Young died

Key or no, Saddam would be crackers to want anything in Detroit. He can waltz in and take some of it and it would be fine with most of us. Maybe he’d like The Lions?

I believe Dearborn has the highest Iraqi population outside of Iraq, so Detroit wasn’t chosen by accident. Detroit in 1980 needed money from wherever it could get it!

Still, there’s not much to steal in Detroit, except maybe the Stanley Cup, so let him keep the key.

Googol for “Saddam Detroit” and up pops Local Scientist did Research for Saddam.
Doctor says he was ordered to hide uranium.

Googol for “Nugent Detroit” and up pops the motor city madman, Ted Nugent, “Well I’ve heard this question many times, and I admit I’m just a guitar player. But when a monster stands up on a commuter train shooting passengers, even a guitar guy knows that’s the bad guy. When someone threatens to puncture your guts with a screwdriver, it’s apparent that that’s the bad guy.”

Mayor Young was a complete moron…just my H.O. as I grew up in a suburb of Detroit. He did NOTHING to help Detroit even though some of the people loved him.


Unbelievable. I have nothing more to say.