Detroit woman killed when hug triggers officer's gun

I’ve been carrying a concealed weapon for over 25 years. Daily. Everywhere.
Different guns, different holsters, different carries. Moreso, I’ve known people that entire time who have done the same. I’ve never had an AD. They’ve never had an AD.

I’ve had a gun jump out of a holster once while running after someone, but it didn’t fire.

I feel terrible for this woman and her family, but we’re not getting the whole story here. The only way I can envision this even possibly happening is a cocked semi-auto in a shoulder holder holding the pistol horizontally. Even then, the trigger and trigger guard are inside the holster and not susceptible to being fingered in any way, much less a “hug”.

I think we are going to hear a lot more about this, especially with the mother’s comments.

Any other theories of the incident?

In this thread.


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