How is this possible? (Mother shot by toddler at Walmart)

Long story short, it seems that a two-year-old reached into their mom’s purse, pulled out a handgun, fired it and killed the mom.

Now I’ve fired handguns a couple times at indoor shooting ranges and I found that it takes a bit of effort in the index finger to pull the trigger. I can’t imagine that a toddler would have that kind of finger strength and hand dexterity, let alone have enough time to figure it out without being noticed. The article states that the mother was with three other children so I guess she was distracted, but still.

Your thoughts?

I think she’s a stupid asshole.

Depending on the gun, the trigger can be difficult to pull or require almost no effort whatsoever.

I’m assuming there was no manual safety, she’s double stupid for carrying it with one in the chamber.

Some handguns, I presume especially those marketed to women who carry it in their purse, may not require much trigger pressure. I’ve also heard of gunsmiths who will modify even .45s to require very little pressure.

The kid probably had their whole hand inside the trigger guard. Toddlers can have quite a grip. The kid reached into the purse, felt something interesting, grabbed for it, and Bang! Sad someone died, but people that stupid shouldn’t be allowed to breed in the first place.

At least it’s the idiot parent who thought it was a good idea to walk around with a gun rather than one of the kids or an innocent bystander.

Women’s purses are very dangerous places.

Are you saying that women’s purses ought to be banned?

You can have my purse, when you pry it from my cold dead fingers!

Oh wait! I don’t have one. I’m a man.

It’s America. Find a similar story anywhere else on earth.

What kind of gun was it? :confused:

Glad it was her and not some innocent person.

I, too, am dumbfounded by the idea of a mother, with a toddler, carrying a loaded weapon without a safety in an open purse.

Hmm. I didn’t know Idaho is so dangerous that carrying a loaded gun in one’s purse in ready access of a toddler would ever make sense to someone. Learn something new every day.

She’s a momma grizzly, fiercely defending her young from any and all dangers.

Or, at least, she used to be.

No, Idaho is so dangerous because carrying a loaded gun in one’s purse in ready access of a toddler seems to make sense to some people.

Joking about this is not funny whatsoever.

Just the other day, some lady we knew died in a Walmart due to falling prices.

It’s also totally legal to buy or sell a gun at a yard sale or flea market, unless Hayden, Idaho had a local ordinance against it.

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Once again the media misreports a negligent discharge as an accidental one. This was not an accident, it was an act of negligence.

You’re right. That toddler should never be allowed to own a gun. :wink: