Deuces Wild...A Must See!!

Last Friday, instead of seeing the Spiderman (not a big fan of comics to film adaptaions), me an a buddy decided to go watch Deuces Wild…and were we suprised by how great the film was!!

It showed the dark side of being a gang in the 1950s Brooklyn and the fight scenes and acting was absolutely fantastic! Music, cinematography, all good!! I especially liked how they showed how back then, gangs favored fists over knifes, a more manly way of fighting…I can go on forever but I’m kinda sleepy but YOU GOTTA SEE THIS MOVIE!!

I was suprised it didn’t do good at the box office…hmmn…it’s worth the expensive tickets you’d pay now a days…


Far be it from me to criticize the opinion of a fellow SDMB’er, but this guy is off his rocker. Deuces Wild is a horrible horrible movie. If you think of it as a spoof of bad 50’s movies, it’s better, but still not very good. It’s cliched with horrible acting and predictable plot, and there isn’t even any nudity. This is the worst movie I’ve seen this year, and I’ve seen Crossroads.

reoch, you’ve got to be kidding me. I unfortunately saw Deuces Wild on Friday (Spiderman was sold out :frowning: ) and it was one of the most awful pieces of crap I’ve ever seen.

I didn’t care for any of the characters. The dialog and acting was horrific. The obnoxious, overdone, over-dramatized flashbacks for backstory exposition were obvious and unnecessary. The stupid “let’s put lightning in every scene where bad stuff happens” attitude of the director was damn near insulting, and the asinine slow-motion “look at us walk down the street because we’re a cool gang” scenes were some of the campiest cliche dreck since Grease II.

Let’s see, dude falls in love with a girl from the rival gang: How original.
There’s an annoying little kid (played by Malcolm, no less) who wants to fight in the big boy gang: double original.
Insane and/or alcoholic mothers in a poor neighborhood in Brooklyn. How interesting.

About the only good thing in this movie was Jimmy Pockets. He was funny.

This was a bad, bad, bad movie.

Oh, but what a babefest. Brad Renfro, James Franco, Johnny Knoxville (I don’t care if he got covered in human waste)… sigh… But, yes, what I’ve seen of the film from the trailer hasx been cringeworthy. If reoch hadn’t already posted over a 100 times, I’d think he/she was some kind of production house troll, like those fake movie reviewers on TV and

Hahaha…naw, I’m a sucker for crappy, predictable movies…I’m easily amused…I even liked bubble boy shrugs