Developing Hot Shots

Of all the Straight Dope Classics to choose from, why bother rehashing where to develop private porn shots? In the 10+ years of every American owning a digital camera, this hasn’t been an issue. :rolleyes:

Did you happen to notice that that article was written in 1976?

I think he’s asking why the SD bothered to rerun such a (now) outdated article. To which the simple answer is, they’re on a rotation, and all get re-run sooner or later.

I noticed when it was written, but I’d think the rotation of articles can be altered for relevancy. Also, I’ve noticed several articles that have been amended to reflect new information.

That’s all.

OK, fair enough. Where would you go to develop 35mm Kodacolor II film today?

Yeah, I got a good laugh out of the article also. Even without looking at the date I could tell it was VERY old. :wink:

There ARE still some places that develop photos – around me, Walgreens still does, and I think Rite Aid and Wal-Mart will also.

Anecdote: back in the days before digital cameras were common, this guy I knew had a nephew that worked in a small photoshop. He would always give the photos to his nephew to develop since the nephew got a discount.
Once I went to their house to hear the wife berating the husband. They were free spirits and he would take “artistic” photos of his wife. She was unhappy that he had given the roll of film to his nephew to have developed. “Don’t you remember when he told us that they keep copies of the ‘hot’ photos and put them on the wall in the break room? I don’t want my nephew to have to stare at me when he’s drinking his coffee!” “But we get a discount!” answered the clueless husband.

The selection process for “classic” columns doesn’t really take into account when they were written, nor relevance today given technological change.

Another point of interest for those who need to know: When I worked at Walgreens (within the last 5 years), we would generally print anything short of penetration. Depending on who was working that shift, the rules could be a bit more or less relaxed, so YMMV.

When I was a clerk one of our duties was to retrieve files from “the dungeon”: a basement used by the firm as an archive. To get to the archive involved going down an obscure back alley and various dark and dingy stairwells. The route took you past the back door of a photo processing shop. Other clerks told of how, if the photo processing place had its back door open, you could see a large noticeboard visible only from the back of the shop, entitled “Wall of Honour” and covered in explicit prints. Apparently there was nothing at all left to the imagination, up to and including acts illegal in this State at the time. Apparently. The door was never left open any time I went past. Sigh.

Once when I was out of town, my roommates had a big blow-out party, at which they took pics. After I returned, we went to a drug store to get them developed.

When we picked them up, one of the clerks (a complete stranger to us) opened up the photos to show us a picture. We thought we were busted for the pictures of minors drinking and smoking grass. Nope. The clerk wanted to point out that he had been a crasher at this party, had passed out, and had been pictured so in the back corner of my living room. :smiley:

Times have changed. Back in the Eighties my processor would censor photos of people giving the finger. Women in their underwear were not developed and the negatives were not returned, but bikinis were just fine.