Developing old movie film

I have an exposed roll of film that I found in my grandmother’s house. It is sealed in a metal canister and has apparently never been developed. The film type is Kodachrome 40 and it has “Process before MAY 79” stamped on the side of the box.

Is there any point in trying to get this developed? The film was used shortly before my granddad died and I’m hoping he might be on there somewhere. :frowning:

Contact KODAK (in Rochester NY) directly. I’m pretty sure that they get requests like this all the time. If it is developeable (?) they can probably do it better than anyone.

Judging from the fact that your link to Kodak is current, I don’t think that Kodachrome processing has changed in the last 23 years. Your Super 8 film is the same as Kodachrome slide film for cameras, and must be processed by either Kodak or an authorized Kodak lab.

You’re probably out of luck. At the very best, it’s going to be poor quality. First, color film that’s that old, particularly if not stored correctly, requires special treatment, and even then, it’s liable to fail. I took some old film to a company that specialized in developing old film, and they failed.

I’m completely guessing, but I think it’s bad luck the film is Kodachrome, because its processing is very complicated, and the tolerances are very small. At a guess, they’d have to reconfigure a whole batch of processing just to try and improve your results.

But there’s no reason not to try and have it developed. If by some chance it spent most of the time in freezing conditions, it might still be viewable.

google “developing exposed old kodachrome film” :

This looks like the service you are looking for:

Ok, that sounds very promising. I wish I’d known about this service.

However they also say