Devils win 7 to 3? What the hell happened?

Now, this is the Stanley Cup Finals…The games are supposed to be good, they are supposed to be close…

NJ wins seven to three? I was able to listen to some of the game. I almost felt like I was listening to a low scoring football game! I love hockey, but good lord – Lets see some defense out there!

You’re telling me! I’m a Philly native and a lifelong Flyers fan. Imagine tearing your (thinning) hair out for four consecutive games

A fluke. They happen sometimes.

Betcha dimes to donuts that there are no more than 3 goals scored in the next one, tops.

Don’t feel bad.
I’m in St Louis, home of the Blues, the team with the best record in the NHL this season and couildn’t get past the first round. AGAIN!

That’s 21 or 22 seasons in a row that the Blues made the playoffs but haven’t gone all the way. Talk about frustrating.

Eddie Belfour blaimed it on the medication he was taking. Geez, you would think he would decide that since he’s sick he might sit this one out and help the team. But what can you expect from someone who offered the cops a billion dollar bribe (not a misprint).

From what I’ve seen, the Devils had a good strategy, as opposed to my beloved Avalanche. Shooting from the blue line, and having people there to crash the net and smack in any loose puck was a damn fine idea. Too often, teams simply dump the puck into a corner. WHY? Take the shot on goal, and hope that the netminder doesn’t hang onto it. Have people there to screen him. Teach them to shoot any puck thy can right into the net. Good offense, in my opinion, won this game.

JBirdman12 said:

Tell me about it–I’m a Pens fan. Damn Flyers.

Everyone has a bad game at some point, and all the pressure is on the Stars–the conventional wisdom has been that the Western Conference Finals would be the real Cup Finals. I expect they’ll settle down and play better in Game 2.

I think Milossarian is right–about three goals combined for the next game.