Devi's rejects

Know what this board needs? A fourth thread on this movie.

I watched devils rejects a few days ago. It was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. The ending was good, the humor was really good (especially the clown stealing the car scene) and the musical score was good. The torture part was a really interesting scene, the way Wydell kept rubbing in how it was them being tortured and helpless for once.

I didn’t see house of 1000 corpses before that though. I rented it and was disappointed. House was far too over the top to be any good. I’m pretty glad I never saw that before watching part 2 as I don’t think part 2 would’ve been nearly as good.

Devi’s Rejects? Is that the Bollywood version? :smiley:

I saw that movie a week after it was released on DVD (about six months ago) and parts of it really stick with me… esp the Terry Reid songs & the Freebird scene.

The Firefly family were sick twisted monkeys, but damn if they weren’t there for each other when the chips were down.

And the dialog had some real gems-

the discussion about a Star Wars theme at the whorehouse,

the chicken vendor’s discourse on what can be done with chickens besides eating,

Wydell’s talk with his dead brother about going over the line (“Well, Mother pin a rose on me!”)

No, I think it’s an outlet store wear you can buy factory-rejected counterfeit jeans.

Where you can buy, rather. Although I’m sure you can wear your Devis after you’ve bought them. Unless it’s that batch that only has one leg.

Outtakes from the Satyajit Ray classic?