DEX and Yellow Book Can Both Kiss My Ass!!!

Here in suburban Omaha, I have yet to receive my DEX (formerly Qwest DEX )phone book despite the fact that the old book officially expired in June.

I have a book called Yellow Book that arrived about a month ago, but it’s incomplete–no residential listings, only yellow pages. Last year’s Yellow Book and previous years’ Yellow Book equivalent McLeod USA Star Directories had both white and yellow pages. This year, I have to go to Yellow Book’s website to find a residential number. What a pain if I’m out in the yard with the cordless and need a number-- this ain’t no laptop here, you know!

My sister in the City of Omaha got her DEX book about 2 weeks ago, still about a month late of when we’re all accustomed to getting new books in this area. And about 3 weeks ago, when we were in the final cleanup stages at mother-in-law’s former home about 1 mile south of my home, my wife showed me a rain-soaked DEX she found on the front steps ( the idiot carrier put it in a bag but forgot to tie the bag shut and face the opening downward ).

The house next door to me, which was recently sold but hasn’t been moved into yet, got a DEX delivered to it sometime yesterday. Since the bag was lying wide-open at the top and the book would have been ruined anyway, I swiped it this morning just as the thunder started to rumble.

Do others have the same problems getting phone books that we’re having this year?

Do you just saunter about your yard with a phone book in hand?

No I don’t saunter about my yard with a phone book in my hand, but a small book is easier to grab and take out to my lounger and use than is to come all the way over to the desk and boot up this big, slow 1998 dinosaur PC.

:confused: I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone ranting about not getting a phone book.

I used to get like 20 different sets (ok, maybe it was only two, but each set had mulitple books) every year and I would let them sit on my front porch until the apartment complex removed them. I tend to look upon phone books as spam. I didn’t ask for the, don’t want them, so I’m not about to bring them into my house or be responsible to dispose of something I didn’t ask for in the first place. I don’t think I’ve used a physical phone book in 3+ years.

Now that I moved (my friend actually wanted me to pack and move the one set that had been gathering dust for the last 3.5 years) and since I didn’t get a land line, I think I’m finally off the phone book delivery’s radar.

What is this “small phone book” of which you speak? Isn’t that some sort of oxymoron or something? Y’know, like “jumbo shrimp”? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a phone book that was less than three inches thick.

It’s not like this would ever be a problem for me, though. I almost never have to call anyone whose number I don’t already have either written down or stored in my phone’s quick-dial buttons. And if I do have to look up a phone number, well, using my computer is faster, mostly because I never turn it off. Ever.

In fact, the only time in recent memory that I have used an actual phone book is when the power went out and I wanted to report the outage to the power company.

Obviously this wouldn’t apply to a city like Omaha, but I know the phone book for my town and the surrounding area is never more than an inch thick, usually less. And yes, that’s yellow pages and residential.

Yes, I live in the middle of nowhere.

Damn. I thought DEX and Yelow Book were dopers and this was going to be a huge flame-war thread. Oh well. Good luck.

I guess I’m relieved that the “Dex” referred to hereinabove ain’t me.

Well, that’s true, but until Zenith’s phone book arrives, would it be too much trouble to saunter around in his yard with him a little, just to keep the peace?

Here I get two huge books, one white, one yellow, that cover the entire Denver metro area. There is also one that’s more localized to the area I live in. I don’t know if it’s small, but it’s smaller.

I’m with zenith on this. I use the phone book almost weekly, and wouldn’t like not getting the new one.

Our phone books that we got in the town I grew up in were always less than 3/4 of an inch thick, and it included listings for our town and probably more than 10 of the surrounding communities, white and yellow pages. We also got another phone book that was just white pages for our county along with maps of all the townships. That one was 1/4 of an inch thick, tops.