Dexter 10/24/10 "First Blood"

Was a little underwhelmed with this episode. I liked the concept of Dexter being concerned that his son is a sociopath, but the acting just doesn’t add credibility to it. Can’t really blame a baby for his lack of acting ability, though. He’s just too darn cute for anyone to seriously question his mental stability.

There’s something odd about the actor who plays Quinn. Either he’s way too tan or he’s sporting a fake tan or something. I can’t pinpoint it. But he definitely has a fake quality about him that’s kind of driving me nuts.

No one really expected Lumen to go home, did they?

And one plot device that I cannot reconcile:

Dexter found the letter that Lumen stole from Boyd’s home. Through that, he researched more about him and came up with a name and photograph. And through his friend who works in records, he was able to determine that the dude currently lived under a bridge.

So how did Lumen know find out what he looked like and where he hung out? Dexter didn’t share that information with her, did he? Or did I miss a scene? And since he was later excluded as one of the men who hurt her, how did she know what this stranger who happened to be Boyd’s cellmate looked like?

And I don’t understand how the ankle bracelet exonerated him. His whereabouts were being tracked, but does that mean he wasn’t allowed to leave…the bridge? Seems implausible.

This whole episode made little sense - and the previews for next didnt help any… I’m still scratching my head trying to figure out where the writers are headed (and not in a good way).

I missed the first half so have no ideas about those plot holes.

From the second half, I get that Dexter was worried about Harrison having a dark side because he scratched another kid. I thought that was pretty silly. Baby fingernails can be quite sharp if they’re not trimmed.

Deb’s foul mouth – I realize it’s part of her character, but shouldn’t someone say something to her? Nobody’s offended by her constant “fucking” this and “fucking” that? It’s not cute anymore, if it ever was, and she needs to tone it down where the general public can hear her.

I haven’t flown since 9/11, but are body searches that touchy-feely? Lumen’s clothes fit snug enough that you could see by looking that she didn’t have a weapon. And since we never see what it is that set off the sensor, it’s just weak writing, a reason for her to snap. So was the taxi driver’s “Welcome to Miami” – we didn’t need that to know that she wasn’t in Minnesota.

The Angel-LaGuerta made no sense, and I hope Quinn gets his. You don’t sleep/make nice with the sister of the guy you’re after.

The one thing I liked was Dexter telling her his name, and not waiting for her to get on the plane. It showed that he’s learning to trust, and it’ll bring him down.


I had to check and make sure I hadn’t missed an episode. It seemed like a lot happened between Lumen and Dexter that we didn’t see, and there were holes all over.

I think he lost some significant amount of weight, and he really didn’t need to lose any, so now he looks a little too gaunt.

And holy crap, Robocop hasn’t aged well. He didn’t look that bad when he was on 24 a few years back, so hopefully it’s just make up or something for the character to look like a mess.

If you want to talk about weak writing, let’s discuss that fact that Dexter apparently carried the guy from his tent back to his car without raising any suspicion. I can’t believe they left that entire part out. Also, is the bracelet tied into a GPS. I assume it is which would make me think Dexter should be nervous in case his PO goes sniffing around the area where his bracelet showed him to be.

The writing is getting lazy all around, but especially in the under-the-bridge scenes this week. In addition Dexter being able to magically abduct and then return the one guy he’s able to show his face again with little worry of arousing suspicion, while Lumen walks around a penniless sex offenders convention, clean and obviously either a woman or androgynous (either way major target all over) and yet is unmolested in any sense of the word.

I wonder if Dexter and Lumen are going to start dating. If not I think telling her his name (which apparently doesn’t come up on her caller ID) is a big mistake. Good acting by Julia Stiles in the scene where she was being hand searched, I thought.

I wondered why Laguerta didn’t tell Angel about the sting. As both her husband and her co-worker I’m pretty sure he’d have maintained confidence, and his suspicions of her late hours and his fury at finding her in a motel with the IA guy was completely understandable.

He’s almost gorgeous but something- not sure what- prevents it from happening. Agreed that he looks like he’s lost a lot of weight. Also his voice might be a throw-off: the actoris a Georgian born and Bronx raised and while I’m not sure what accent he’s going for (where’s Quinn from?) it’s definitely different than his colleagues.

Robert Brunner.

I’m not sure if we’ve been given all the points on the time line but, IPS it should go like this;
1 Brunner gets out of jail and moves into Boyd’s house. (Boyd having a record, assault with a deadly weapon, makes this an automatic parole violation.)
2 Brunner’s PO finds out where Brunner is living. (This might be what gets him the ankle bracelet or being a convicted sex offender out on parole in FL gets you one automatically. [del]The Dark Passenger[/del] Harry’s prodding suggests the latter.)
3 Brunner moves to the bridge.
4 Boyd kidnaps (or gets?) Lumen.

Given Dex’s certainty, there has to be a break between 2 and 4. Looking at the letter and the envelope in slow-mo I can’t see any dates, even on the postmark, but having Brunner’s file gave Dex all he needed to do some off screen research.
Returning to Boyd’s house after 2 is an automatic “go directly to jail…” a po’d PO ain’t gonna give you a third chance.

Of course none of that precludes the possibility that Brunner assaulted Lumen somewhere other than Boyd’s house :smack: given that Lumen said she had been passed around to multiple sadistic rapists (some very interesting [del]spoilers[/del] stuff on the walls of Lumen’s motel room). I’m seriously doubting everything happened at Boyd’s house.

(I’m sure this won’t pan out but, given what Boyd said just before Dex killed him I’m wondering if Boyd wasn’t just the guy the ring chose to do the killing and dispose of the bodies. His role might even have been coerced, making this another kill outside of “The Code”.)

I’m thinking the whole scene in the kill room with [del]the Dark Passenger[/del] Harry was showing how much Dex is still being effected by Trinity/Rita’s death and how off his game he really is. Without Dex doing things that put him at risk it’s just CSI Miami with a serial killer. Even if those things are stupid.

Plot holes all over the place, but as Paul “Doctor Science” Wunder used to say “It ain’t a fuckin’ documentary!”

CMC fnord!

Thanks for the link. I think his odd coloring is throwing me off. Notice in this picture that he looks like he spent a week in the dessert with no sunscreen on.

And this picture makes it look like the makeup artists are using a much darker foundation than necessary:

Ahem. I’m getting distracted. On to the plot holes:

Yes, I agree that the omission of how Dexter got Brunner from the tent to his truck is convenient, probably because the writers couldn’t come up with anything plausible.

It’s also getting harder to believe that Dex can fit two full-time jobs in and function.

Yeah, that was probably the weakest writing of the whole series by a decent margin. Plotholes out the ass.

What especially bugged me was the way LaGuerta went off on Angel like he was super paranoid and controlling or something. I mean her behavior exactly mimmicked someone who’s cheating, and the fact that he caught her apparently in the act makes his anger pretty reasonable. I mean, ffs, he walks in on her putting her shirt back on with another guy in the room. Yeah, it was a misunderstanding, but don’t treat him like he’s way over the line or something.

That scene, IMO, kinda makes the last few episodes not as good anymore. The spent all that time setting this up?

I imagine we’re about to see a messy divorce and I don’t think there was a pre-nup signed.

And I also think it was risky for Dexter to return to Boyd’s house in broad daylight. Eventually someone from the county is going to notice he’s missing (one would hope) and check on him.

I wonder if he cleaned up Lumen’s blood and fingerprints from Boyd’s office.

Someone mentioned The Dark Passenger up thread. I wonder if that’s where there going with Lumen. The Dark Passenger (imaginary/dark) is the opposite of Lumen (real/light). Maybe she’s going to be the one to put his head on straight. He sees himself in her, maybe if he can continue to watch himself from this vantage point…

Or worse, a sappy makeup scene.

Divorce makes more sense. They barely know each other. They have vastly different ideas about money. She’s his boss – it takes more insight than they’ve shown to make that situation work. They don’t trust each other. And they only got married to stay out of trouble with IA in the first place.

PunditLisa, yep. The guy was a creature of habit and I’ll bet he never missed a day’s work. Someone would have checked on him by now.

I thought Dexter might have sent in a letter of resignation in Boyd’s name. I can’t imagine the workers in that place to the most reliable of employees - probably they’re used to sudden no-shows.

He worked for Miami-Dade county. No one in their right mind voluntarily leaves a civil service job! You get a sweet pension after only 20 years of service, and something ridiculous like 10 holidays, 30 vacation days, and 15 sick days a year!

Lisa, who voluntarily left her job as a civil servant