Dexter 7.6 "Do the Wrong Thing" 11/4/12

Hmm, we don’t seem to be doing a weekly Dexter thread anymore, which is a shame, since so far this is the best season in years. Not saying too much.

So the key to avoid getting killed by Dexter is just like avoiding most of life’s problems - be really hot.

IMO the best season since season 2. Ray Stevenson isn’t given much to work with or enough moments to really shine, but he sells his character 100%.

Oh, I think he is going to kill her. She kills for fun and has no moral code.

Surprised there’s no discussion - this season feels like a return to form after mediocre. Not as good as the first 2 seasons, but better than the last few.

And yeah, I’ve only ever seen Ray Stevenson in Rome otherwise, but he has an amazing presence in this role. I completely buy him as an utterly confident merciless badass.